Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Guru Tegh Bahadur’s Conversation With Aurangzeb Before His Martyrdom Gurudev began, "Over 300 years ago our country was ruled by a cruel Emperor Aurangz...

Major Hindu Temples Destroyed By Islamic Invaders And Converted To Mosques

Proof of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya? Prof. B. B. Lal on Ramayana Site Archaeological Survey and Babri Masjid – Archival Footage

Mr. K. K MUHAMMED Ex Regional Director, ASI – Speech on Ram Mandir

Ram Janmabhoomi Temple – Archaeological & Literary Evidence

Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s Great Speech in Favour of Ayodhya Ram Temple

Official map of Rama Janmabhumi (Ayodhya) dated 1717 CE, shows no ‘Babri Masjid’ in site

We Must Understand the Idea That Guided the Islamic Invaders

Why the Supreme Court Must Give a Definitive Verdict in Ayodhya Case

The Iconoclasm Doctrine of Muslim Invaders

Archaeological Findings of Ayodhya excavation and the way Secularist Historians evaded from them

[Q&A] Ayodhya: Old Consensus, Simple Solution- A talk by Dr. Koenraad Elst

Opinion of Eminent Personalities on Ramayana

The Conspiracy to Remove Ram Lalla Statue From Ayodhya During Nehru Regime

Opinion of European Travellers About Ayodhya Site

Literary Evidence on the Destruction of Ram Temple

India should give shelter to all persecuted Indic communities   I am not going to make the argument that because we don’t have ...

Evidences Show That Baji Rao Strived To Restore The Original Vishveshvara Temple (Gyanvapi), Kashi

Source: -True Indology / Twitter.

‘Nisaychacha Mahameru’ – Written by Ramdas Swami About Shivaji Maharaj

Source: - @panipat_1761 / Twitter.

Shivaji Attacked And Destroyed Portugeese Goa For The Atrocities Portugeese Committed on Hindus

Source: - True Indology / Twitter.

Sambhaji Maharaj and His Resistance to Mughal Invaders

Source: - True Indology / Twitter.

Heroic Hindu Resistance to Islamic Invaders – Sita Ram Goel

Source: - @Aabhas24 / Twitter.

Shivaji’s Ransacking of Surat was Essentially to sack the Wealthy Merchants who were Funding Mughal Army

Source: - Kirtivardhan Dave /

In the Battle of Chinkurli (6 March 1771) Hyder Ali and Tipu Lost Horribly Against Marathas. Hyder Flee on Horse, While Tipu in Guise of a Beggar

Source: @Chandrapida1 / Twitter. Featured Image Source: -

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Birsa Munda: Freedom Fighter, Tribal Leader, Crusader Against Christian Missionaries And A Gau Rakshak

Source: - True Indology / Twitter.

Inter Caetera Papal Bull And Doctrine Of Discovery: How The Church Sanctioned Ruthless Spanish Colonisation Of South America

Ravindranath Tagore on Islam and Christianity

[Q&A] इसाई पंथ और भारत / Christianity In India – A Talk by Dr. Surendra Jain

Shivaji Attacked And Destroyed Portugeese Goa For The Atrocities Portugeese Committed on Hindus

Indo-Greek, Indo-Scythian & Other Early Indian Coins In Britain

Source: - @caitlinrgreen & @Subhashkak1 https:/

Influence of Indian Civilization on Philippines

Why Is Bharat Called India?

Aurangzeb Never Did Rule An Empire As Vast As Samrat Ashoka’s

Why India is a Nation — A Talk by Sankrant Sanu [with Transcript]

Tamizh Is My Mother Tongue And As An Indian & Hindu, Sanskrit Is My Cultural Language – Classic Tamizh Scholar Ma Po Sivagnanam

Maharaja Gulab Singh Who Created The Largest Kingdom Of India

In Pre Modern Hindu India Women Were Allowed To Own Property

The Real Name Of Aligarh Was Ramgarh And It Was Founded By Rajputs

How Indian Mathematics And Astronomy Traveled To The Arab World

Aligarh Was Originally Known As Ramgarh; Renamed By 18th Century Shia Commander Najaf Khan

World’s Oldest Datable Printed Book Is वज्रच्छेदिका प्रज्ञापारमितासूत्र (Vajracchedikā Prajñāpāramitā Sūtra), Printed On Wood Block in 868 CE

Meena Bazaar Started By Akbar To Procure Beautiful Women For Mughal Emperor’s Harem

Birsa Munda: Freedom Fighter, Tribal Leader, Crusader Against Christian Missionaries And A Gau Rakshak

Indus – Saraswati Civilization Was One Of The First Places In The World To Produce Grapes/Grapevines

Does Ram Mohan Roy’s Writings Indicate He Advocated Christianity?

Voting Pattern In Loksabha Seats Where Non-Indic Religions Are Majority

Nationalistic Savarkar Was Making A Revolution While Elitist Nehru Enjoyed ‘White’ Privileges

Rammohan Roy Identified Himself As “Unitarian Christian” In His Book ‘The Precepts of Jesus’

One Of The Greatest Indian Historian, R C Majumdar’s Opinion On Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Paid Debts of Faiz Islam