Saturday, December 15, 2018

Why India is a Nation — A Talk by Sankrant Sanu Early European colonialists negated India’s legitimacy as a nation, claimi

Mr. K. K MUHAMMED Ex Regional Director, ASI – Speech on Ram Mandir

Ram Janmabhoomi Temple – Archaeological & Literary Evidence

Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s Great Speech in Favour of Ayodhya Ram Temple

Official map of Rama Janmabhumi (Ayodhya) dated 1717 CE, shows no ‘Babri Masjid’ in site

We Must Understand the Idea That Guided the Islamic Invaders

Why the Supreme Court Must Give a Definitive Verdict in Ayodhya Case

The Iconoclasm Doctrine of Muslim Invaders

Archaeological Findings of Ayodhya excavation and the way Secularist Historians evaded from them

[Q&A] Ayodhya: Old Consensus, Simple Solution- A talk by Dr. Koenraad Elst

Opinion of Eminent Personalities on Ramayana

The Conspiracy to Remove Ram Lalla Statue From Ayodhya During Nehru Regime

Opinion of European Travellers About Ayodhya Site

Literary Evidence on the Destruction of Ram Temple

Vishnuhari Incription and Left Historians Effort to Suppress the Truth

Allahabad District Court Proceedings on Ayodhya Case

Dr. Koenraad Elst | Do You Think Hinduism promote patriarchy?

Source: - rosehubTV The Belgian orientalist and indologist Koenraad Elst was with us, to tell his story. The writer of several bo

Shivaji’s Ransacking of Surat was Essentially to sack the Wealthy Merchants who were Funding Mughal Army

Source: - Kirtivardhan Dave /

In the Battle of Chinkurli (6 March 1771) Hyder Ali and Tipu Lost Horribly Against Marathas. Hyder Flee on Horse, While Tipu in Guise of a Beggar

Source: @Chandrapida1 / Twitter. Featured Image Source: -

Breaking a myth – Muslims ruled all of India for 1000 years

Source: - @authorAneesh / Twitter.

After Nizam was humbled in the battle of Bhopal by the Marathas, he formally gave up Malwa

Source: - Chandrapida1 / Twitter.

The pinnacles of Maratha attack [Excerpts]

Courtesy: - DNA India. The first few months of the year 1689 saw the Marathas pass through their toughest time. Chhatrapati Sambhaji, who had ably led them against the Mughals for almost a

The Zari Patka in Delhi — A Talk by Uday S. Kulkarni It’s indeed a privilege to be here today, and to be called all way from Pune, to speak to the select audience that has been invited here

Shivaji Statue Facing the Gate of Agra Fort

Source: Joseph T Noony / Twitter.

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Sabarimala Temple Arson Case (1950) Enquiry Report Points that Evangelical Forces are Behind the Crime


The Past History of Attacks on Sabarimala Shrine by Evangelical Forces

Social Dimensions of Early Christianity in India

Conversion is Violence – Swami Dayananda Saraswati ( Arsha Vidya Gurukulam )

‘Auto da fe’ and torture methods of Goa Inquisition

Why India is a Nation — A Talk by Sankrant Sanu Early European colonialists negated India’s legitimacy as a nation, claiming India did not exist as a unified geo-political

Ancient Republics (गण राज्य) of North West India

Back to Hindu Monarchy [Excerpt]

Hindu And Hindutva

The Reach and Popularity of Ganesha Cult

Pali (Middle Indo-Aryan) is a Derivative of Sanskrit (Old Indo-Aryan)

The Word Vipassana Comes From Sanskrit Word Vipaśyanā (Insight)

A must-watch documentary on GN Ramachandran, the Indian Scientist Who Made Three Major Discoveries – Collagen, Phi-psi plot and Tomography

Persecution of Yazidis by Islamic State

Ancient War Strategy of Chinese and Japanese

Beef Taboo Was Very Strong in China From 800 CE to 1900

The Astronomical Connections to the Sacred Hindu Conception Known as Hiraṇyagarbha, or the Golden Womb

Tipu Sultan did not wear any Ring with ‘RAM’ inscription at this deathtime

The word “Kashmir” comes from Sanskrit and not Persian. Kashmira is the name of Goddess Durga

Kailāsa Temple — One of the Greatest Architectural Marvels of the World, Carved Out of One Single Rock

Fibonacci (of the numbers fame) Merely Translated a Text of Indian Mathematics, Which Introduced the Decimal Number System to Europe

The Past History of Attacks on Sabarimala Shrine by Evangelical Forces

Acharya Jagdish Chandra Bose, one of the Great Indian Scientists, Who Came up with the Concept of Radio much before Marconi did

‘Omkar’ in early Gurmukhi was understood as “Ek Omkar” after the script evolved

The Earlier Name of Marathi Language was ‘Arya’

Social Dimensions of Early Christianity in India