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Jallikattu – stop slaughter, not the sport

The coolest guru ever; Sadhguru, speaks his mind about the sport of Jallikattu and its importance in rural Tamil Nadu.

What beauty is to a women, Valour is to a man.

The rural youth of our country have lost various aspects through which they could find and express their courage, their skill and their competence, in daily life.

Jallikattu a traditional sport in rural Tamil Nadu, was one sport which gave the tamil youth the necessary opportunity to express their valour. Above all in today’s world Jallikattu has drawn rural youth away from alcohol and other addictions, because being fit, capable, agile and competent becomes very important in a sport like this.

Never before it has happened that the bulls that participate in the Jallikattu sport have ever been harmed or killed. If at all if anybody bleeds, if anybody is injured, if at all a death happens it’s that of a human being not of the bulls. Those who are taking up this great cause of animal rights and cruelty to animals, if at all they are serious about this, first thing that they need to do is close the slaughter houses which are killing millions of animals everyday. Instead of attending to the most fundamental form of cruelty which is cutting short of an animal’s life not even for our food, but to export.
India has become the largest exporter of beef which is a shame. The animals which nurtured us, the animals which worked for us, the animals which enriched our soil on a daily basis, we are slaughtering them not just for food but to export and make money. An animal whose milk we drank just as we drank our mothers milk we are slaughtering it and sending it to other countries. This is a shame. Instead of fighting against this, taking aways a simple joy of the rural youth of Tamil Nadu is not fair.

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