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Parting words of Shivaji Maharaj

Parting words of Shivaji Maharaj (source: @kal_chiron) --- आम्ही जातो, आमचा काल झाला. तूम्ही सप्तसिंधू यवनांच्या हातून मूक्त करा. काशीचा श्री विश्वेश्वर सोडवा, बारा जोतिर्लिंग या यवनांच्या हातून मूक्त करा, हिंदवी स्वराज्यात आणा. चूकूर होऊ नका I leave, its my time to go. Liberate Sapta-Sindhu from Yavans, rescue Kashi Vishwanatha and other Jyotirlingams.

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How much of Indian History is really true — A Talk by Sanjeev Sanyal

To what extent is the Indian history really true. The genesis of this comes from the general impression among people that Indians are generally an ahistoric people, who are not particularly interested in their own history. But this statement is unfounded, as Indians are part of one of the oldest

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Wide-spread love for Dr. Kalam among Hindus, absence of it in Muslim discourse, and the connection with Hindu revivalism

  Dr. Kalam has been one of the most loved President the country has seen. The joy on him becoming the President during Vajpayee’s term and later the outpouring of grief on social media on his passing away is testimony to the love that an average Indian carried for him. After Barrack

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