“Gravamin Politics” : gain power by manufacturing grievances

Excepts from “Pakistan or the Partition of India” by BR Ambedkar.

In particular they should note that there is a difference between Macht Politic [Power politics] and Gravamin Politic [in which the main strategy is to gain power by manufacturing grievances] ; that there is a difference between Communitas Communitatum and a nation of nations; that there is a difference between safeguards to allay apprehensions of the weak and contrivances to satisfy the ambition for power of the strong: that there is a difference between providing safeguards and handing over the country.

After taking into account what the Muslims demanded at the R. T. C. and what was conceded to them, any one could have thought that the limit of Muslim demands was reached and that the 1932 settlement was a final settlement. But, it appears that even with this the Musalmans are not satisfied. A further list of new demands for safeguarding the Muslim position seems to be ready.

Source: https://sites.google.com/site/cabinetmissionplan/b-r-ambedkar-in-pakistan-or-the-partition-of-india

The genesis of Minorityism & Muslim/Christian politics in India during 1940-1947 specifically when India’s constitution was being considered, while Jinnah was trying to safeguard interests of the 25% of Muslims of India.


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