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The Herald for Sivaji Maharaj

Credits:- Mahesh C R / Medium

Line by line translation of a herald announcing arrival of Shivāji Maharaj. Listen to the herald first in the video. And then read a basic translation attempted.

महाराज | Great King
गणपति | Lord of Shiva’s Ganas, i.e. the powers attending upon Mahadevā
गजपति | Lord of elephants, or Lord of Vital Powers
अश्वपति | Lord of the horses
प्रजापति | Lord of the People
स्वर्ण-रत्नाधिपति | Lord of gold and gems, or Lord of Plentitude
अष्टावधानजागृत | One aware of the Eight Cardinal directions
अष्टप्रधानवेष्टित | One aware of Eight Principal Ministers (ashtapradhaana was a council coonstituted by Shivaji comprising of eight ministers)
न्यायालंकारमंडित | One adorned with Nyāya or Justice
शस्त्रास्त्र-शास्त्र पारंगत | One adept in Shastra – Astrās and well versed in all Shāstrās
राजनीति धुरंधर | Champion in Politics
प्रौढप्रताप-पुरंदर | One with the developed power of Indra
गौ ब्राह्मण प्रतिपालक | Caretaker of the Cows and the Brahmins
क्षत्रिय कुलावतंस| One from Kshatriya Clan
सिंहासनाधीश्वर | Who presides over the Simhaasana
महाराजाधिराज | King of Kings
राजाशिवछत्रपति महाराजांचा विजय असो| Victory be to the Great King Shiv Chhatrapati
धर्मशास्त्र-पण्डित | Scholar of Dharma
ज्ञानगोविंद | Govinda in Knowledge
रणधुरंधर | Champion on the Battle field
छत्रपति शम्भाजी महाराजांचा विजय असो| Victory be to the Great King Sambhaji Maharaj
नमः पार्वतीपतये | Obeisance Lord of Pārvati
हर हर महादेव | Hail Hail Mahadeva!

(Author’s Note: In the history of Bharath, many were the Kings who would rightfully claim our praise, worship and obedience. Kings who would inspire our sense of patriotism, urge us to stand up for Dharma, and stand strong in our fight against all adharma. Though the names of Kings are numerous, the one most recent in our memories is Shivāji Maharaj. It is a common tradition for the herald to announce the King’s arrival to the court).

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