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Nihang Sikhs in Ayodhya


According to the report dated 28th November, 1858, an FIR has been filed by the Thanedaar (Policeman) of Awadh, which states that, 25 Nihang Sikhs have entered the Babri Masjid and are performing Hawan and other religious rituals there. Following which, a complaint has been filed by Superintendent of Babri Masjid on 30th November, 1858, which also states that Hawan and Poojas are carried out by 25 Nihang Sikhs, and that they have inscribed,“Ram! Ram!” with charcoal on the walls of the Masjid. He says the Hindus had access to the birthplace of the Lord – The Janmasthan ,which is outside the Masjid, but within the same complex and they have been visiting it for a long time , but now the Hindus have entered the Masjid and have started worshipping there as well.

When this was presented before the Allahabad High court, it was regarded as a great piece of evidence, as the complaint document still exists. Moreover,it is the first individual voice from Ayodhya which states, Hindus were actually inside the complex, even inside the Masjid, unlike in many other cases, which claims the Hindus had no access inside the complex. This document clearly makes it evident that the Hindus, once had free run of the Babri Masjid. Thanedar took a few weeks to evict the Nihang Sikhs from the Babri Masjid.

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One thought on “Nihang Sikhs in Ayodhya

  1. Just manupulating the fact.

    They might b doing bhramkwach (Personification of Weapons) but not ram ram chanting

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