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Depiction of Ramayana in Early Art Forms

So, now very early on we find scenes of the Ramayana depicted in art. The first art depiction of the Ramayana is a terracotta of the second century BCE. It shows Ravan carrying away Sita and Sita is shown throwing down her ornaments, hoping that that will help somebody to find her. So, this is the first depiction of a scene from the Ramayana second century B.C. Now, you know that every piece of art has survived all these centuries but this is one that has survived and it gives us some idea of the popularity of the Ramayana because why would somebody depict a scene from the Ramayana in art, unless it was a popular theme.

Then, the next evidence that we have in art is from the second, third century A.D. It is a seal from Kashmir’s Smast and it has in Brahmi, Ram – Siya written on it. And the most interesting is a small terracotta piece that is now in a museum in America. It shows Ram with a quiver full of arrows at his back and on his skirt the word Ram is written.

So, these are three earlier depictions of scenes from the Ramayana which tell us that it was quite widely known very early in our history.

Featured image: Wikipedia.

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