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Opinion of Eminent Personalities on Ramayana

Now, the importance of the Ramayana in Indian civilization has been emphasized by many religious leaders, public thinkers through the ages, and what is the Ramayana? It is a manual of morals; it is to instruct a people in right conduct and right values. It is a national code. Ram is the exemplar of Dharma. Now the message of the Ramayana, it’s a new message of the heroic and the godly in human relations. R C Dutt, in 1899 before he was going to address the Lahore session of the Indian national congress, he wrote English edition of the Ramayana for the benefit of western scholars and in this he said, the Ramayana gives us a true picture of Hindu faith and righteous life. In India, the Ramayana is still a living tradition and a living faith, it forms the basis, the moral instructions of a nation and is part of a life of the 100 of billions of people.

C Rajagopalachari, he wrote a version, the Ramayana, it went into the 2nd edition within 6 months of its publications. In the preface he said, one could not understand Hindu Dharma unless one knew Ram, Sita, Bharat, Lakshman, Kumbhkarana, Hanuman. He appealed to the youth to read the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. He said there is not a page, after reading which, one would not emerge with greater courage, stronger will and purer mind. He said the Ramayana is the record of the mind and the spirit of our forefathers, who cared for good ever so much more than for the pleasure.

Shri Aurobindo said , the work of Valmiki has been an agent of incalculable in moulding the cultural mind of India. And Mahatma Gandhi, we all know, for Mahatma Gandhi, Swaraj meant Ram Raj.

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