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Opinion of European Travellers About Ayodhya Site

We have two European accounts, the first is written by William Finch who came to Ayodhya within 80 years of the demolition of the mandir and William Finch says, that you know, Hindus come over here they go to the Sarayu river, take a dip over there and then Brahmins come, the Brahmins are there and they record the names of all the pilgrims who have come. William Finch does not talk about Muslim presence there, he does not talk about Namaaz there, he just talks about Hindus over there.

The second account is a Jesuit father, Joseph Tiffin Thela, Joseph Tiffin Thela was an extra ordinary man who lived in India for 40 years, he travelled over large parts of India and he wrote very very valuable accounts on the geography and so many other things about India. He stayed in Ayodhya, in Awadh for about 7-8 years and his book has got even detailed drawings of the buildings that he saw at Ayodhya. Now, he says that, you know, I have been to this place and the Hindus have constructed a Bedi, a Bedi or a Vedi is a cradle (palna jismey chote baache ko rakha jata hai) so he says that in this complex where I went, the Hindus have constructed a Vedi and they do Parikrama around it and at the time of Ram Navmi so many people come to celebrate the birth of Ram. But this Joseph Tiffin Thela also does not mention any Muslims over there and does not mention Namaaz.

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