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Archaeological Findings of Ayodhya excavation and the way Secularist Historians evaded from them

It is only in 2002 that the court, the Allahabad High court ordered an excavation of the contentious site. Now it was not the first excavation, the former excavation had been very partial. Nevertheless in the 1970s already B B Lal, the Dean of Indian Archeology, had discovered their bases, elements of the foundation of the original temple. So actually we already knew, what they were going to find there. But this time, there were very thorough excavations and this time there could be no doubt at all.

Of course the foundations of the temple were found there. So in fact, we had evidence enough, that there had been a temple there. But now it really could no longer be denied. So it is now entirely official, the secularist historians lost the debate fair and square. They were defeated, which is why, when they were called to the court for this trial, they were called as witnesses. But on the witness stand they completely collapsed. They have to admit, “but I am not an archaeologist, I don’t know these things. You know I’ve never been to Ayodhya, it’s not my field” and so, one after another they collapsed. Read all about it in Meenakshi Jains’s book. However the media shielded the secularist scholars from embarrassment. If you have not specifically studied the case you wouldn’t know this.

Similarly all the Western scholars did as if nothing has happened. If you don’t specifically follow the case and you’re old enough to have been there at the time of the demolition, you would still believe, that this temple had been a concoction of the ugly, vicious Hindu fundamentalists, because that’s what, at that time everybody said, well all the scholars said. At the time I was very lonely and I’ve been scolded quite seriously, by big-time professors especially in California. But they were all right, that’s a bit of a satisfaction. Of course it cost me my academic career. But nevertheless it’s fine to finally be vindicated and so they all look the other way, they don’t talk about the Ayodhya affair anymore.

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