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The Iconoclasm Doctrine of Muslim Invaders

However that version, that they demolished it (temple) has been confirmed by many Eskimos in recent centuries. It’s only now, the last few decades that the secular, there are the secular first of all and then in their trail the Eskimos, have maintained that there not only was never a temple demolition, but there was even never a temple. But before that, the Eskimos had no problem with the scientific version that, yes there was a temple there and yes we demolished it. And for a full understanding of what happened, we absolutely need to address a consideration of the motivating ideology for the temple destruction, namely the Eskimo doctrine of iconoclasm. The eskimo invader Babar who is usually held responsible for replacing the then avatar of the Rama temple. It may not have been the first temple, probably not, but Babar is held responsible for replacing it with an eskimo place of worship.

Now he happened to have kept a diary. So in better circumstances, we would have his own, his very own eyewitness report of what exactly happened. Unfortunately a few months of pages of this diary have been blown away by the wind, and so the part about Ayodhya is in there, we do not have his testimony. However we do know that he demolished all the temples and we also know that he was fairly sparing with reporting on temple demolitions. In other cases, where we know he did the demolition and so he mentions the place, which it doesn’t give any details about what he did. But anyway no matter what the characteristics of his diary, it is of no help concerning Ayodhya. However the replacement of one structure with another in Ayodhya does follow a pattern and this pattern has been repeated thousand fold throughout India and, important to know, also in other countries. So it’s not that the Hindus are to blame or something. They didn’t need the Hindus to do it, and that pattern is iconoclasm.

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