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We Must Understand the Idea That Guided the Islamic Invaders


I don’t think that the guilt or innocence of persons is very important, maybe if you judge has to rule on that, maybe for the time being, he may consider it important. But in a general historical vision, that’s not important at all, like all the indignation about Aurangzeb and his supposed cruelty. I think it’s a lot of wasted breath of misdirected energy. Whatever Aurangzeb’s character was, it’s not important. The thing is that he obeyed a particular doctrine, he put that doctrine into practice and it is that doctrine we should be concerned about, not his person.

In a quote that is often ascribed to Eleanor Roosevelt, but that is in fact, at least a hundred years older, and the farthest we can trace it, is a some protestant clergyman who said it, but he may also have been quoting, we don’t know. Anyways, it’s a very good statement. He says, “Great minds discuss ideas, mediocre minds discuss events and small minds discuss individuals”. So I prefer not to discuss the personal character of Aurangazeb or Babur or so, is of no importance. But the ideas that guided them, they are very much important, because they are still with us and people are still susceptible to that influence. So, we cannot do much anymore about Aurangazeb or Babur, but we can do something about that idea and warn people today, who might be attracted to those ideas to change their minds.

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