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The War Rocket Weapon of the Marathas

Source: – Oriental Memoires by James Forbes / Google Books

“”There are doubtless many alterations and of late years in the Mahratta tactics which to this campaign at that time when to besiege a town they generally round the walls and having by that measure the garrison of all external means of assistance besieging army waited with patience until the starved into capitulation I have been when the Mahrattas took Ahmedabad the Guzerat they had surrounded it in their for several years before the garrison A few shots were sometimes seldom with effect when I was with the they did not understand the use of mortars.

The war rocket used by the Mahrattas which often annoyed us is composed of an iron tube or ten inches long and near two inches in diameter; destructive weapon is sometimes fixed to a rod sometimes to a straight two edged sword commonly to a strong bamboo cane four or long with an iron spike projecting beyond to this rod or staff the tube filled with materials is fastened and on the lighted fire to the fuze is projected with great well directed which is an uncertain operation much confusion and dismay among the the difficulty of avoiding its terrifying and effects””

Ref: – Oriental Memoirs: A Narrative of Seventeen Years Residence in India, Volume 1, By James Forbes. Page 359-360 (Google Books – https://goo.gl/tf1fJN ).

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