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Ambedkar On Islamist Invaders – Exceprts from his Book ‘Pakistan or Partition of India’ (Part-1)

Translated from – Vihaga Veekshanam Blog

“These invasions of India by Muslims were as much invasions of India as they were wars among the Muslim themselves. Mahomed of Gazni was a Tartar, Mahomed of Ghori was an Afghan, Timur was Mongol, Baber was Tartar, while Nadirshah and Ahmedshah Abdali were Afghans. In invading India, the Afghan was out to destroy Tartar and the Mongol was out to destroy the Tartar as well as the Afghan. They were not a loving family cemented by the feeling of Islamic brotherhood. They were deadly rivals of one another and their wars were often wars of mutual extermination. What is, however, important to bear in mind is that with all their internecine conflicts they were all united by one common objective and that was to destroy the Hindu faith[1].”

BR Ambedkar – The chief architect of India’s Constitution, political strategist and predominantly the man who openly condemned the practice of casteism and deeply disheartened by its evil influences. The above quoted words are of this great visionary, from his well known book Pakistan or Partition of India.

It is also his words that are being widely used today, by the Dalit – Islamist intellectuals. Ambedkar vehemently opposed the much hated caste system in Hinduism, however his writings were not just confined to that. He also indicated the intolerance of the Islamic invaders towards the Hindu faith. He propounds, these Muslim invasions are also to be held responsible for the destruction of Buddhism. However it is very interesting to observe that, these Islamist – Dalit intellectuals who have “hijacked” Ambedkar and for time and again have used his ideas in their favor, conveniently turn a blind eye towards these parts. It is this bigotry that questions their credibility and motives.

Despite having an unbiased view towards the partition, he asserts the fact that, even though it existed as single geographical unit, India was divided culturally and mentally long before itself. He states, the history of 1000 years after arrival of Hwen Thasang, was the root cause for this.

“It is true that when Hwen Thasang came, not only Punjab but what is now Afghanistan was part of India and further the people of the Punjab and Afghanistan were either Vedic or Buddhist by religion. But what has happened since Hwen Thasang left India?

The most important thing that happened is the invasion of India by the Muslim hordes from the North-West. The first Muslim invasion of India was by the Arabs who were led by Mahommad bin Quasim. It took place in 711 AD and resulted in the conquest of Sind. The first Muslim invasion did not result in permanent occupation of the country …..

Soon after this withdrawal, there began a series of terrible invasions by Muhamad of Gazni 1001 A.D.Muhamad died in 1030 A.D., but within short span of 30 years, he invaded India 17 times. For thirty years had Muhamad of Gazni ravaged India and for 30 years Mahommed Ghori harried the same country in the same way.[2]

He vividly explain the invasions of Genghis Khan, Timur, Baber, Ahmedshah Abdali. He evaluated the motive and path of these Muslim invaders as mentioned below.

“These Muslim invasions were not undertaken merely out of lust for loot or conquest. There was another object behind them…. But, there is no doubt that striking a blow at the idolatry and polytheism of Hindus and establishing Islam in India was also one of the aims of this expedition. In one of his dispatches to Hajjaj, Mahommad bin Quasim is quoted to have said:-

“The nephew of Raja Dahir, his warriors and principal officers have been dispatched, and the infidels converted to Islam or destroyed. Instead of idol-temples, mosques and other places of worship have been created, the Khutbah is read, the call to prayers is raised, so that devotions are performed at stated hours. The Takbir and praise to the Almighty God are offered every morning and evening[3].”

Ambedkar says that, in a response letter Quasim received, from Arabia states, beheading of Infidels was the command and will of the Lord. Ambedkar continues to explain the heinous and barbaric acts of these invaders. Al’Utbi, the historian of Muhammad Gazni and Hasan Nizami, the historian of Muhammad Ghori, explain the raids of their Masters and how they destroyed polytheists and their temples and even credited them as holy wars.

The genocides and wide spread destruction of temples carried out, since the time of Gazni to Aurangazeb has been detailed in his book.

These atrocious invasions and raids are historical facts. Introducing the words of great Ambedkar to the Religious fundamentalists and their paid writers, who argue that the destruction of the temples were only, out of lust for wealth and there are no traces of religious intolerance or Iconoclasm. It can undoubtedly be stated that, denial of historical facts and whitewashing these reprehensible acts and glorifying them, will sow the seeds of skepticism and hatred among others, which will have an adverse impact on the society.

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