Money from the Hindu Endowment Board is being used by the Governments, which is a violation of Article 27 of the Constitution

Money from the Hindu endowments board has been used to fund two things – The Holy land pilgrimage for Christians and Haj subsidies. So, Hindu money is being used for doing this. I would actually say if I were a Christian or a Muslim, I would be offended ki humare paas paisa nahi hai kya? That’s the first question they will ask, no? Why do we need this khairat? That will be the first question they will ask.

Importantly, let’s give this a constitutional view. This activity fundamentally militates, violates, contravenes, article 27 of the constitution. Article 27 of the constitution very clearly says, taxes or any proceeds therefrom or thereof from public funds can never be used by the state for the promotion of any particular religion. 27 specifically separate the state from the temple or the church or the mosque. Therefore, when you divert these funds from the Hindus endowment board, it is on paper, it is on record. It’s not an inference that anybody has had to draw, they have admitted this. If that is the case you have violated article 27.

These are the people who preach constitutional values to us.

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