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Maratha Commander Santaji Ghorpade Raids Aurangazeb’s Tent

Apart from this, there was a very daring raid by Santaji Ghorpade on Aurangazeb’s own camp. At this point of time Aurangazeb’s camp was in, the camp was at Koregaon, which is near Pune and they were planning to take the fort of Chakan from here. His entire camp was set up here. But Santaji Ghorpade and his spies accurately found out the entire layout of the camp. You can compare this story with what is happening in the time of the Devagiri Yadavas. They did not know what is happening 15 miles away. Santaji Ghorpade managed to find out the layout of the entire camp, where is Aurangazeb’s tent? Where are all the soldiers?

In the dead of the night he managed to get entry, he was stopped by a guard. He had about 50 soldiers were with him, with Santaji Ghorpade and the whole plan was to go to the tent where Aurangazeb was staying, chop his head off and bring it with him to Vishalgad, that was the plan. They managed get entry by faking that they were actually with Aurangazeb. There was some Maratha Sardars, who were working for Aurangazeb. They managed to fake this, by saying that we are just soldiers working under so and so Maratha Sardar, he is working under Aurangazeb, so obviously, we are going to join him. As you gain entry, kill the guards.

Unfortunately, Aurangazeb was not in his tent at that point of time, but Santaji Ghorpade, managed to cut away the ropes of his tent, bring down the whole imperial tent, to talking about a tent, that is at least  500 hundred meters long, brought down imperial tent, there were golden spires fixed on top of the tent, to signify that it is Aurangazeb’s tent. Santaji Ghorpade chopped off those golden Spires, after this obviously big alarm was raised because they can see the whole imperial tent go down. He escaped alive, came to Sinhagad.

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