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India as a Nation and the fake arguments of Rohigya supporters to demean it

Now, before that there is one thing we need to address. We live in a nation state. If we live in a nation state, certain assumptions and presumptions go along with the concept of a nation state, which means I am entitled to protect my borders. So, I have the power as well as the duty to protect my borders. As globalization made a difference to the idea of a nation state in real practical terms, I don’t think so, I think the best example as on date would be the Brexit example. The fact that you cannot erase identities, you cannot erase ethnic identities, or you can’t erase religious identities or national identities, or the concept of nationalism is not moot, the concept of nationalism has not become redundant, is something that we need to recognize because that is at the heart of the entire issue, because the argument which you will be fed from the other side is, India is a country whose history is full of migration. In fact, I had a gentleman right on my timeline on Twitter, that what happened from 700 AD till 1947 inclusive of both, let’s say the Muslim invasions as well as the British Colonialism, is an example of migration according to him. I didn’t know whether to pity him or to laugh my guts out. I just said, ignore the fool. There is no point in engaging with such a person. If you can’t distinguish between invasion, migration, settlement and Colonialism, God save you. In fact, then I think, there is something seriously wrong with our educational system, which it is.

So, the problem is, to conflate these two issues. See the thing is, the convenient position is, if you are wrong on the law and if you don’t have a clear position to support yourself as far as the law has concerned, they will immediately switch to the other argument, which is the civilization argument and the globalization argument to say. Are you not living in the era of cold war, where you still think that national identity is nation status, a concept still matters? Of course, it matters. How does it not matter? Of course, it matters. If let’s say India is only a land of migrations and it’s only been a successive wave of migration, since it all been peaceful. Why do we still push the Aryan invasion theory? Let it be the Aryan migration theory, perhaps we may even accept it, even if its flimsy, has no bases, is scientifically flawed. You can’t say on the one hand that you have a problem with this one particular racial stock invading this country and saying that they subjected Dravidians to a lot of oppression and then use the Aryan invasion theory to peddle one agenda and then justify every other invasion as migration. I don’t see how both of these can hold water, something is terribly wrong, and I think it doesn’t need an IQ of 120 or even 150 to understand that there is a problem with both these arguments. You can’t actually say that both of them are consistent and they can be reconciled, not possible at all.

So, we need to understand that unless and until we agree and accept that the concept of a nation state continues to be valid and it has to remain valid. There is no point in discussing the subsequent issues because then you see you are only dealing with technicalities. Your mind will immediately say sorry, you are living in the old world, you are a dinosaur, you are not modern, you are not secular, you are not liberal and therefore you have not embraced the concept of globalization (in) in spirit and in substance and that’s why you continue to harp on, my country, my territory, my border and this kind of nonsense, why do you fight? War is all useless, I am so sorry. Be it war or every other concern that we are faced with today is intrinsically connected to the concept of a nation state at least as far as our external issues are concerned or perhaps even internal issues. Be it aggression from within, let’s call it Naxalism or aggression from outside, both of them are challenges to India as a state,

India as a nation state, therefore it is important to respect the sanctity of the concept of a nation state in the first place and then ask ourselves, what is it got to do with this particular issue? As I said, the concept of protection of your sovereign borders flows from your right as a sovereign state.

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