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Menstruation is a process of self purification


The concept that Ashaucha is something that is associated with menstruation. Third, but it does not, the story does not stop with saying, No! No! Women have become color of guilt, have attached to them, No, it does not stop there. It says, that the story is all about how this menstruation itself acts as a self-purification process and it acts as austerity because every month they attain that state again and again, it is only possible when at the end of the periods they are able to overcome that state of Ashaucha. If there is no overcoming then what is the meaning of saying, every month they attain Asaucha again and again? So they overcome it, so menstruation itself acts as a process to overcome it, that is the principle of self-purification and there is aspect of rest, no weaving, no sieving.

These are all the activities and finally by connecting the fact that women took the guilt in the form of monthly menstrual cycle, the bleeding but in return they were able to give birth to children, after the end of that bleeding. So there is it is showing the biological connection through a story that this menstruation process is connected to child birth, without this menstruation cycle, the whole monthly cycle, women will not be able to give birth. So child birth is intimately connected to menstruation and because child birth is a Dharmic, is a sacred, is a very important activity, menstruation is worth celebrating. So there is Ashaucha, there is Austerity, there is rest, there is self-purification and there is celebration.

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