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The five layers of Individuality according to Hinduism

Today, most of the, all our understanding is based on modern science. We say, we have a physical body and even our mind is denied an independent existence. They say the brain activity makes us think, but this is not how our Hindu tradition understands. This is not how our Rishis, the scientist of the past, this is not how they understood the human body, human individuality. Even Ayurveda does not recognize this. What we recognize instead is five sheaths, the five layers of individualities. I am not just my physical body. I also have a vital Pranicshareera, I also have a mind, the Maanasa, Manomayakosha and there is Vignanamayakosha, there is Anandamayakosha the sheath of intellect, the sheath of, the bliss.

The translation are very, it doesn’t convey the real meaning but just bear with me, what is important for our day to day activity is the three layers – AnnamayaKosha the physical thing, the vital or the PranamayaKosha, the layer of energy, the life force, you know what we call the breathing, it’s the Praana. We have a better technical term than just breathing. We just simply don’t breathe air. Even the air goes inside a dead body, but it is not alive, right? Then there is something in that air, there is something behind that air, that makes someone live and someone dead, right? So that is the life energy, that is the Praana, right?

So, thisPraanamaya Kosha and there is theManomaya Kosha,the mind, the thinking, the thought, the whole process.

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