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What is Shaucha and why is it important

In the level of the Praana-s, we have the 5 PraanasPrana, Apana, Vyana, Udana, Samana. You will see, you can see the details online on the yogic text etc. So, this balance of this 5, they all have a particular activity, particular role in our body, it’s not, they all are interconnected. So, when they are in balance, it is called Shaucha because balanced Praana also balances the mind, keeps the mind calm.The calmness of the mind is again Shaucha and what is the role of Shaucha? It gives competency, competency for performing religious and spiritual activities why? Shaucha is considered one of the Samanya Dharma common duties for everybody and in all the parts in SanathanaDharma, be it Bhakthi, be it Vedanta, be it Yoga, Shaucha is one of the basic things.

The Yogasuktha, you have the Niyamas, the basic rules. You have shaucha in Bhakthi, thisShaucha is important. In all these the Shaucha is important because one of the Smriti text beautifully captures this by saying for all activit…… with Shaucha, without Shaucha all your actions become useless, fruitless. So even for medical operation, you need a physical hygiene, right? This is a parallel, so consider this spiritual action, religious activities, spiritual Dharmic activity, it will require Shauchaat all the three levels of physical vital and mind.

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