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When did Kaliyuga start and the comment about Abhijit in Mahabharata


I would like to talk to you about the start of Kaliyuga. People at this point wonder what on earth am I doing, why am I talking about Kaliyuga? Well, it turns out that Kaliyuga is an absolute marker for all the Indian calendars. So, for example Aryabhatta gives his age with respect to Kaliyuga. Many temple epigraphy talk about their age with respect to Kaliyuga. Badami, for example, is another place. So, Surya Siddhanta says, Kaliyuga was the rare planet conjunction of  Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Sun and Moon in the Revati nakshatra. It turns out that this date was 18 February 3102 BCE. I simulated this in the Planetarium software and what you see is Revati nakshatra is over here, this is the sun, Chandra moon, Shukra Venus, Jupiter Guru and here you see Mars Mangala deva is over here, and I cant read from here, I think it is Budhan and this is Shani. So you see Merury and Shani. All of these things are clustered. It is spread over a few nakshatras but the least and the greatest at this point. They seem to be clustered in the Revati nakshatra. So this is only possible for one time in the last 25,000 years because of precession and that date corresponds to February 18, 3102 BCE.

There appears to be an ancient observation encoded in the Mahabharat in this particular reference. A dialogue between Indra and Skanda, contesting against Abhijit, Vega the nakshatra, Kritika Pleiades went to vana, the summer solstice to heat up the summer. Then the star Abhijit slipped down in the sky. This caused a lot of angst in people because they said that stars don’t slip down the sky. Here is an example of an Indian text taking flights of fantasy, maybe they are high on Soma, or whatever, and they have done these kinds of works; stars don’t slip in the sky.

Then Prof. Vartak came along and said – ‘Wait a minute, wait  a minute, it is actually an encoding of an astronomical phenomenon’. He said that more than 15,000 years ago Abhijit was the Pole star. Some, somebody in the Indian context remembers the time when Abhijit was the Pole star and the cultural memory is being passed on from generation to generation until such time the Mahabharata was written down and they noticed that, at that time Abhijit was no longer the Pole star, it is away from the pole, from 90° it was at 40° almost. It has slipped down in the sky. So it is an amazing instance that we remember an incident that happened 15,000 years ago approximately. Next Kritika was at the summer solstice approximately 24,000 years ago. So bottom line of these two is that rishis have been observing the skies for almost 24,000 years.

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