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Pythagoras and his connection to Indian Wisdom


Pythagoras who lived in this time frame, these gentlemen who are all westerns, Albert Burki and A. N. Marlow and G. R. S. Mead, each of them says that Pythagoras went to India where he learnt his philosophies, knowledge and other things. These are not Indic people saying this. These are western sources saying these things. So Pythagoras was the gentleman who came a suggestion that he learnt in southern India and I postulated the question, could that have been Kanchipuram? Kanchipuram today we are told was the capital of the Pallavas. So perhaps entered a record from then, but it’s far more ancient than that. Far more ancient than the Pallavas, so could he have learnt at Kanchipura?

When Pythagoras went back to Greece he was called a madman because he had become a vegetarian. They said he only ate nuts, fruits, corn and these kind of things and people said something crazy about this guy, not eating meat. He also started a gurukulam style of school where he was the teacher-in-charge and the bachelor students his closest pupils were readied to get revealed his wisdom around him, and in the outer circle were the outer students on the way coming to, coming in this inner circle. This gurukulam style of teaching was inherited by his successor Socrates, Plato as well as Aristotle. All of them followed the same gurukulam style of teaching. Finally he also believed in transmigration of the soul. Here is a paper that talks about the doctrine of transmigration from the Royal Asiatic Society. So he believed in reincarnation. So very clearly there is a very strong element of Indic thought in Pythagoras works.

You need to ask a question why did Pythagoras even come to India? How did he know that India was a source of knowledge? If we go even further beyond Pythagorean time frame, we look at the similarities in the Greek stories and the Indian Puranic stories. There is enormous, enormous overlap in these two stories, hinting at a much more ancient contact. And the contact in fact goes back to the Mycenaean period. The Mycenaean period was the time when the Greeks had contact with the Mittanis. The Mittanis and other populations and they learnt their knowledge the Hittites and others, that’s where the knowledge transmissions happened.

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