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How did the Portuguese first come to Goa?


Goa was first ruled by the Kadambas. Then by the Vijayanagara empire for some time, then by Ibrahim Adil Shah. And when it was ruled by the Muslims, obviously there were a lot of Hindus in Goa at that point of time. But they were being discriminated against. So they wrote to the king of Honnavar, and they said, who was Hindu king, they said, ‘do something, we are being oppressed by this Muslim ruler Ibrahim Adil Shah, so come and save us’. Now that king of Honnavar, he had a general called Timmoja, and that Timmoja was given this task of going to Goa and waging a war with Ibrahim Adil Shah. But he realized that, he was not strong enough, and he had heard about Afonso de Albuquerque, who had by that time come to Kochi and he had his flotilla. So he met Afonso de Albuquerque, and he said, you know what? I will make sure, that I will pass on the message to all the Hindus of Goa, the island of Goa, if you attack then I will make sure that they will support you from inside. So it will be easy for you to win over the city.

So Afonso de Albuquerque came to Goa and as expected all the Hindu population supported the Portuguese and the Portuguese defeated the forces of Ibrahim Adil Shah. And Afonso de Albuquerque became the ruler of Goa. Now this Timmoja had thought in his mind that ‘after Afonso de Albuquerque wins over Goa, he will give him a handsome tribute, monetary tribute and ask him to go back and he will go back to Portugal. Why would he want to stay in Goa‘, is what he thought. But Afonso de Albuquerque realized Goa is a golden goose, proverbially. So why would he go? So what he did was, he exiled Timmoja and sent him outside Goa and he appointed another guy called Melraj as his administrator and he became the de facto ruler of Goa, the island of Goa, which today we know as Old Goa, the city of Old Goa.

And then slowly, slowly they conquered Chorao which was another island and then another island called Divar. This happened in 1510.

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