European testimonials for the forced conversion of Goan Hindus



So along with the systematic persecution of Hindus, the Portuguese embarked upon aggressive proselytization. But most people converted out of violence, avarice or fear. Richard Burton, the famous British traveler who had visited Goa during that time, had said that “fire and steel, dungeon and the rack, the rice pot and the rupee had all played their part in the conversions”. Entire communities as I said were converted by deceit. Dr. Antonio Narrona, he was the former judge of the High Court in Goa, in his essay ‘The Hindus and The Portuguese Republic’ had written, I quote, “in 1560 there existed only one church in Salcete. In less than 15 years, 28 full parishes had been established. It is known how such rapid conversion took place, some by fear of physical force, some from moral cowardice, some because they could not overcome the love of the country of their birth, some with their eyes on a lucrative job and almost no one from conviction”.

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