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How did Hinduism led Indians to Science


Rishi Kanva’s ashrama was not a single ashrama, it was a collection, an assemblage of hermitages of which he was the presiding rishi.

So, a student would go to one in ashrama and specialize in one subject underthe Guru, then go to another ashrama, adjoining ashram, and get specialization in another subject, and then this way he would go to different ashramas and complete his degree. That’s the way it worked, and they were specialists in every branch of learning of the time Vedas, yoga related literature, logic, grammar, mathematics, zoology, physical sciences, medicine and what have you, and they were rush with female issues which are mentioned in Mahabharata.

Now I come to a page from Nyaya Sastra. So, this I’m just trying to show you how obsessed the Indians were with logic, with understanding, with learning the science of knowledge as well. So, in this, you know, the Indians also wanted to know, what was good reasoning, and what was bad reasoning. So, they made rules for all that. But if you reason in this way, it’s good, if you do it in this way, it’s bad, and basically this is how, they became it, led to science, this kind of thinking led to scientific discoveries because they all, they had, they did a lot of thought experiments and they try to answer questions like Who am I, where have I come from, why do we feel that there are two people inside us, one which is doing the actions and one which is observing everything.

So, in trying to answer these questions they stumbled upon important discoveries in science and mathematics. So, for example and also there was no distinction between religion and science, no false barriers. So, when they would try to do a Homa with a perfect square, they would need a perfect square, and in the process of drawing that, they discovered the rules of geometry. In trying to find the best timing,the most auspicious timing, they actually found out the laws of planetary motion and other, you know, the celestial phenomena. So that’s how religion actually led to science for the Indians, and I’ve taken this code from the Nyaya Sutra to show you how scientific it is. Truth exists, whether or not we humans acknowledge it. Akshapada Gautama said this in the Nyaya Sutra, he also said all knowledge is not intrinsically valid. So, these are the kind of statements that form the bedrock of science even today, modern science.

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