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British reports on Indian Education system during 1800s


Dharampal went to London on some other work and he happened to spend a lot of time in libraries there and he came across archival material of extreme significance. A series of surveys commissioned by British government in 19th century to assess the level of indigenous education in India. So, we have to give it to a British for being very systematic, a very systematic. So, they first want to know, what is the level of education in India. So, they conducted a series of surveys in Madras Presidency, Bengal presidency, Punjab – various parts of India and they also documented it.

What did they find?They found that every village in India had a pathshala and there were 1,00,000 per challahs in Bihar and Bengal alone! So just imagine it’s mind-boggling, one pathshala in every village, and what was taught. In those parts Allah’s reading, writing, epics, all of them knew Mahabharata and Ramayana, Bhagavata, arithmetic was taught was very compulsory and it literacy was very high, very few illiterates exist. Today they knew their language. if they were in Andhra they knew Telugu, if they were in Tamil Nadu they knew Tamil, that was taken care of. Teachers were very dedicated there, were superior methods of teaching and there was high attendance. All this is reported by the people who did the survey.

Another interesting thing was, the and which broke the stereotype, that we have in the large number of schools sudras very majority, well the Brahmins, and by C’s with by Shias were in minority.So, for example, he found that he’s given percentages, you know, in some schools 70% were sudras, in some schools 50% were sudras, in some schools there were number of girls like in Kerala. There were many schools which had girls plenty of girls. So, the school, at the basic level our education system was intact when the British actually did the survey, the partial a-level, our education system was intact, even though the universities had been destroyed by the Muslim invaders.

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