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Deliberate suppression of Vivekanand’s views on conversions

Swami Vivekanand had said, when one Hindu converts to Christianity or Islam, then not just one Hindu reduces but one more enemy of Hinduism gets born. Just this one line explains the complete philosophy, our duties. It’s been a 117 years since his death, but what have we done about it? Nothing at all. We are not even allowed to debate about this. Whenever you highlight such things through essays and articles, newspaper editors refuse to print it saying, we cannot print such things.

And this is happening not only in an independent India, but in an India where Hindus are supposed to be in a majority and Hindus are presumed to be in power. Today the situation is such that views and thoughts on these lines by Vivekanand, Swami Shraddhanand, Dr. Ambedkar, Mahatma Gandhi…I have seen this happening. I am speaking from my personal experience; articles expressing such views are quietly set aside, without any sort of explanation, saying we cannot publish such things.

What kind of India is this? What kind of spiritual consciousness do we have? We have even forgotten what Vivekanand had said. Even Jinnah echoed such views. When he was debated with, about the rationale behind partition. He used to say the foundation for partition was laid the day the very first Hindu converted to Islam. Just put the thoughts of Vivekananda and Jinnah together and a clear picture emerges, which is; if you do not make a conscious attempt to stop this business of religious conversions, take the task of stopping this seriously then the Hindu identity of India will cease to exist.

Such a clear thing to do, such a clear indication of a problem a clear method of solving it, and yet our leaders in independent India as well as in pre-independent India did not even bother to take cognisance of it. Not that this problem was not there earlier. In those days when books were rarely published three important books on this topic had been published. Not debating on this subject then, means that we have knowingly turned a blind eye towards it.

What kind of temperament is this? Is this the same dharma that is taught to us in the Upanishads? Is there any such teachings in the Ramayana or the Mahabharata which encourages you to be in denial? Keep looking at an innocent being attacked and then justify it or simply look the other way? Keep making false justifications for them? This is exactly what we have made our administrative and educational policy in independent India. That we will not even raise such questions, forget about debating about them or finding solutions for them.

If we do not end this hesitation in engaging with the majority, then there will be no solution to the problem. We should think about what we got by dismissing our great gurus and the knowledge in our shastras. This policy of Gandhi ji – See no evil, say no evil, hear no evil – which he converted into a state political policy, and because of which the oppressors and the predators became emboldened. They were secure in the knowledge that no matter how much they hunt, they will not be called into account. No matter how much they oppress, the state or the party will not say anything. So what have we got from all this so far?

What Vivekanand had said – if you convert one Hindu – 40 years after that whatever happened in Lahore, 60 years later what happened in Dhaka and 80 years later whatever happened in Kashmir. It is quite evident that his thoughts were a 100% true. Despite all this we do not debate. We have to stop living in denial.

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