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Who is the real minority?

What is the problem if everybody became Muslim or Christian? Truth be told, there is no clear answer to this problem, especially with the conscious and aware Hindu. Be as it may, since a question has been raised, an answer needs to be given. The answer is that the Indian civilization is among the greatest civilizations which gave the world it’s first book of knowledge which is relevant even today. This is the only civilization which is neither Muslim nor Christian. By this reasoning, it is a minority religion. People who talk about minority religious rights etc, they forget that in reality Hinduism is the real minority religion in the world context.

Our population is such, our physical boundaries, our history is such that we are visible to the world even today. But, we should not forget that India does not have any international ally. There is no one funding or campaigning for India internationally. And not only this, the Christian community and the Muslim community, at least their senior religious leaders are quite aware that they are a majority religion. And it is only a matter of time when India too becomes their type of majority religion.

Today, thanks to our scholars and journalists, they have changed their language, but earlier they used to openly say this. I think Maulana… this is around 1936, Dr. Ambedkar wrote in detail about him in his book. I think he was some Sham Khan, I forget his name, this is around 1936, he openly said Hindus are a minority religion. What do they known about administration? They are busy fighting each other or are busy with their issues of untouchability. They drink water from someone’s house, they become untouchable. Muslims have ruled this country before and Muslims will continue ruling this country. He would pointedly say that Hindus are a minority. Whom did he compare the Hindu population with? They consider themselves world umma. So, this not just a technical matter that India is the only Hindu country in the world. In fact internationally Hindus living in this country are a minority. So the people who profess minority rights, they should be told, when the world is becoming smaller, and people from other religions look upon themselves as a world community, and they wage wars over this, make strategies, and do so quite openly.

They have no hesitation in saying, “Plant the Cross.” The Pope has come to Delhi and said this, when Vajpayee was the Prime Minister. “Convert Asia”. Asian Age had carried this two-word headline. Convert Asia. So the Pope stands in Delhi and says Convert Asia, and Hindus are expected not to oppose it, not even debate about it.

This mindset, this academic situation we are in today is more dangerous according to me. The statistics we were seeing is doubtless dangerous, but according to me it is more dangerous that people born in Hindu families, under the influence of a different ideology do not consider this to be worrisome at all.

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