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The story of son’s of Kadru and Vinata, from the Mahabharat

Source: – Shadwal Srivastava / Twitter.

One thought on “The story of son’s of Kadru and Vinata, from the Mahabharat

  1. I would like to add a less well known and grossly misrepresented story of Parikshit Maharaj’s Death. To cut short a long story he was cursed to die from a snake bite, that is Takashaka. This was to happen within 7 days. Parikshit Maharaj was a great king. He goes back to his kingdom, and calls for a meeting about what the next step should be. He had great ministers and Rishis who discussed about reversing the curse so that Parikshit Maharaj would not die. Parikshit Maharaj counters them saying that everybody had to die. At least he is fortunate to know beforehand that he would die within seven days. He crowns his son as his successor and leaves the Palace to go to the banks of a river. Many great Rishis assemble around him. His greatest concern was :”How will I get and experience that Supreme Knowledge that would give me Moksham”. To that person who is craving for Ultimate Knowledge, Paramatma would send a Guru. That’s whenSuta MahaRishi (Veda Vyasa’s son) was passing by, and Parikshit Maharaj himself was a great person that he could recognize Suta MahRishi’s greatness. He falls at his feet and begs for knowledge wondering if he could attain Moksham in7 days. Suta MahaRishi reassures him, and tells him Bhagawatham in 7 days. At the end of the 7 days Parikshit Maharaj then says – I am ready. I now know that the snake (Takshaka) cannot kill me. Takshaka bites, and the body of Parikshit is no more. And Parikshit Maharaj attains Moksham. And, His Atma – the undying Atma which is what one is – merges with Paramatma

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