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Conversation With Prof RN Iyengar: Ancient Indian Astronomy and Engineering

Source: – Dr. Raj Vedam Facebook Profile.

See this fascinating video interview conducted by Sudhee Sn, touching on a number of topics.

My take-away from the talk: –

(a) how difficult and disorganized the eco-system of learning Sanskrit was, even in the Professor’s childhood;
(b) Earthquakes from history, going back to 500 CE, with references to works of Vridda Garga and Varahamihira;
(c) Discusses date of Parashara to 1500 BCE, based on Hasta, and Agastya;
(d) Talks about Siddhantic Astronomy, and touches upon the allegations about Greeks teaching Indians mathematical astronomy;
(e) Talks about Uttarayana, how it should be on Dec 21st, and how observational Uttarayana changed with time. Discusses date of Maitrayani Samhita to 1800 BCE;
(f) How mention of a row of lunar eclipses – 6 of them, visible from Pushkar, can be dated to 1500 BCE;
(g) How Vridda Garga and Parashara have similar opinions, including on list of comets;
(h) discusses his book, and how for the first time, a link is established academically between pre-Siddhantic to Siddhantic period of astronomy in his book;
(i) Discusses an important number in Rg Veda: 3339 – and why this is important for Meton cycle?
(j) Dhruva and RN’s interpetation, from Taittiriya Aranyaka, and connects to Sishumara;
(k) Talks about how Indic sciences and philosophies have sadly fossilized;
(l) And the most amazing observation, from his conservation of Indian temples – addresses how were the massive ancient Indian temples were engineered. Can you believe palm leaf scaled-designs, descriptions of machines, tools, and methods?!

Archeo-astronomers might have differences of opinion in their interpretations of data and conclusions. But every one of these researchers enriches our learning of our very rich past with their ideas, data, methods and opinions. Prof R Narayana Iyengar has a lot to offer to anybody interested to learn.

Please don’t miss this must-see video!

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