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Why the British mess the Timelines and chronology of Adi Shankraracharya Tradition?

The British were aware that whenever history will be reviewed they will be seen as villain because they have done so many loots, such like massacre made here that they will presented as a criminal. And Bristish also knew that what are the soure of Indian’s ideology? From where they get these ideology? These are the people who are tolerating repression, exploitation and tortured for last two thousand five hundred years. They are fighting cultural fight, ideological war, Armed struggle, but their struggle for civilization and culture does not end. It again started flourishing and they again become Jagatguru or Vishwaguru (World Master). They again positioned as economic superpower and become Golden Bird, Rule of Law again established here, Community Service again started here, all the more they again established communal harmony with the invaders. How to finish them? Then British said, contaminate and pervert the source of their ideology and source of their ideology is supreme and sovereign Dharma, Shankracharya Tradition.

According to the Shankaracharya tradition Bhagwan Shankaracharya has taken Avtar during 507 BC but British has distorted the time and changed the same to 788 AD. They thought if Bhagwan Shankarachaya Avtar proved to be around 2500 year ago than our Aryan Invasion theory will be proven false. We have to prove that they, means Sanatan Religion follower, are not native. We have to establish that their ancestors are outsider in this country. Aryans are those who came here from central asia. You are Aryan race. Max Muller was the first person who said that Indian’s are from Aryan race. Therefore as we are also outsider in this country and we have exploited, looted, tortured, harassed the Indians, hence British thought to prove the Indian as Aryan race and outsider in this country to justify their deeds here. At the same time Hitler was roaming around with Swastika symbol on his flag and he was shouting like he is from Aryan Race. Then British said let’s connect Indians with him and establish that they are outsiders as well as also prove that their Shankaracharya tradition timing is 788 AD that his incarnation was during this time period. By this our aryan invasion theory will be established as truth. Otherwise If they proved 2500 year ago then how can we prove that yes, Aryan are out siders are’t they?

Then in 1835 Mcauley, brings educational resolution and Get the English as official language status. He completely abrogates Persian and Sanskrit and also he quoted on 2nd Feb 1835, “I have travelled across the length and breadth of this country and I have not seen a single person who is beggar and thief. Such wealth I have seen in this country that I think we would never conquer this nation unless and until we break the very backbone of this nation which is her spiritual and cultural and educational heritage. So if the Indians think, that whatever is foreign, whatever things which belongs to foreign or West is greater than us then they will loose their self-esteem, then they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation.”Therefore our traditional Gurukul Education System was changed and the new education system which introduced has established that all our Acharya, Rishi, Muni, Our Ramayana, Our Bhagwat, Our Avtars are myth and fiction. It was said these are our fantasy, our fiction or what? You believe in these kind of things? Is there incarnation? Are you thousands of years old civilization? You have Sata-Yuga, Dwapar-Yuga, Treta – Yuga, Chtur-Yuga, Kal-Yuga, No. Whatever you have you will always consider them superior, you will amplify them but now we will correct the dating. You can’t do it. That’s why they have rejected our entire education system in which we have our Avtars, our Rishis, our Munis, our Shastras. British said that these are myth, folk tale and fantacy as well as the dating of Bhagwan Shankaracharya was also changed. They thought that source of India’s Ideology and Phylosophy has to be distorted, contaminated, polluted then only Indians will be defeated ideologically. There are not only one kind of war strategy, there are various ways and means of War strategy, like Weaponry War, Ideological war, Cultural war etc. Therefore British played with us with all kinds of War Strategies. They played with us ideologically, also cuturally. They tried to damage us Culturally and also did persecutions, genocides, massacre and assassinations. Jaliawala Bag incidence is an example of this. Hence they have tried to damage us completely.

Now it is duty of our Historians why they are still continuing with the history given by the British? Were British so reliable and authentic? Were they our well wishers? Were they came here for our well being?? No, they came here to exploit us, torture us, subjugate us, then how come they will do justice with our history? It is impossible. But still rectification is not being done of that history, that perverted history. Historians started talking of Indus Valley civilization, Harappa, Mohenjo Daro and then say that there was Aryan Invasion in India. Dear, Ram Setu is the proof that there was no aryan invasion in India.

Well, I will tell you the biggest fault of timelines given by the British. You know it but let me say. They say that Mahabharata was written by the time 400 BC. Then they say that Patanjali Yoga Sutra was written after that. Then who will teach our shastras, Britishor we? Bhagwan Badrayan, Maharshi Vedavyasa has written bhasya on Maharishi Patanjali scripted Yoga Sutra. Brahmsutra was given only by Badrayan Maharishi Vedavayasa Bhagwan but along with he wrote bhasya on Maharsi Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra.and Shankaracharya has written description on Bhasya of Vedavyasaji.

Then it is not possible that prior to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra bhgawan Vedavyasa wrote bhasya on that. This cannot happen, I mean Patanjali came first and then came Bhagwan Vedavyasa. That’s why Bhagwan Vedavyasa’s bhasya came and Bhagwan Shankarachaya wrote description on that. So when these kind of exposure came forward then it is realized Brithis were only here to do bad thing with us. There is huge distortion of our history and we have to rectify them now. We should correct our perverted knowldge and science. How long we will stick with their given history? 

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