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Why Sanatana Dharma Has a Superior Idea of Oneness of God Than Christianity or Islam – Maria Wirth Talks

Why is sanatana dharma superior and the others inferior because they are based only on a blind faith in a story. There is no evidence whatsoever. And that has harmful consequences also. I don’t think colonialism would have been possible, the brutal colonialism that has this attitude that we are chosen by god, we are superior, we have true god on our side. Also the Muslim invasion would not be so brutal if they did not think that the unbelievers are substandard, they are not human. It was so inhuman, so painful this time, I mean, millions killed for no reason whatsoever or for the wrong reasons.

Now, Christianity and islam claim that only we have one god, all others have no god. But ultimately it seems that they have eluded the concept of one god, because in sanatana dharma, it is oneness, all is one, its all Brahma. While in Christianity and islam we have god as a separate entity, you must not claim that you have oneness as god, apart from this you have angels, you have satan, you have human beings.

Lets debate in an interfaith dialogue, lets really debate. So far, interfaith dialogues are really shameful. I went to two such events, and it was just a promotion of Christianity and islam. I once wrote an article, where I noted that Christians praised Christianity, muslims praised islam and hindus praised Christianity and Islam.

In Dehradun, I was in an interfaith dialogue. In the delhi event, one could not ask questions, but in the Dehradun event, one could ask questions. So I asked a question, and the Christian priest he avoided immediately and he went immediately into personal experience. My personal experience with jesus is like this. You know that’s what he will say immediately. I said it is not about your experience or what you feel, please speak about the doctrine. But he would not. No chance. So this claim by them, that only they have one god, is false. Because the most pure oneness, is here in India, from ancient times.

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