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Hindu And Hindutva

Source: Meenakshi Sharan/Twitter

Meenakshi Sharan elucidates on what it means to be a Hindu and what are the qualifications of being a Hindu in the thread given below. She traces the hoary geography of Mount Sumeru and Bhārata and the Sapta Sindhu and its reverberations in the Hindu Cosmology and how with the passage of time, the Sapta Sindhu and Aryavarta gave way to a grander Bharatkhanda.

The land that lay north of the ocean and south of the snowy mountains, the land that was called Bhāratam, where dwelt the descendants of Bharata, the land that attained the loftiest heights of spirituality and self-realization, the land that gave the message of peace and prosperity, the land that blunted the sword of Islam, the land that kept up the fight against the barbaric invaders ‘decade by decade, century by century’ and the land that gave identity to all, whether Sikhs, Madrasis, Bengalis, Marathas, Kashmiris, Malayalis, Punjabis among others, was the land of the Hindus and their Hindu-ness.

For a Hindu was one who had the blood of the ancient Sindhu flowing in his veins, who considered the land ‘extending from Sindhu to Sindhu as his Pitribhu’ or Fatherland, who considered the land of his forefathers as his Matribhu or Motherland, and who, above all, revered the land where Brahma Vidya or Knowledge of Truth-Consciousness-Bliss was revealed to the ancient Vaidika Rishis. This land, to him, was Punyabhu or Sacred Land.


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