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How Were The Shiva Agamas Revealed ?

Now the Shiva Agamas are, all the Agamas which were revealed by Mahadeva Himself. Now we come to how were the Agamas revealed. Now the Kamika Agama which is considered to be one of the most important Agamas describes this – So Mahadeva has 5 faces. Now His 5 faces, when He is giving the knowledge, are the Sadyojata, Vamadeva, Aghora, Tatpurusha and Ishana. Now all these 5 faces further had 5 faces each. So they were eventually 25. Now from each face of Mahadeva, the Laukika, Vaidika, Adhyatmika, Atimarga and Mantra Agamas were revealed. So these are not names, these are categories. Right. All these, I am just giving this description, so you understand the length, breadth and depth of the Agamas. They are not just one or two documents, you will realize that more and more as I go forward, they are an ocean. Right. So Laukika, Vaidika, Adhyatmika, Atimarga, Mantra are 5 categories of Agamas which were revealed from each of the 5 faces. Now Kamika Agama gives total number of Agamas as 25, but there are other, additional Agamas revealed from some of the faces, this is also mentioned.

Now I’ll give a little bit of detail about which are the Agamas. Now the Agamas which were revealed from the Sadyojata face are the Bhuta Tanta and example is the Kaula Tantra. So, this is an example of that. Vamadeva revealed the Vama Tantra, the number in the bracket is what has been mentioned as the variations. Now I don’t want to translate that any further, I’m just telling you as it is mentioned in the Agama. The Aghora face revealed the Bhairava Tantra, the Tatpurusha revealed the Garuda Tantra and the Ishana, which is the most important, the Ishana face of Mahadeva is the face which gives enlightenment, so the Ishana revealed 2 types of Agamas, the Rudra Bheda and the Shiva Bheda. The Rudra Bheda were 18 and the Shiva Bheda were 10. Now the Shiva Bheda, the names are mentioned – Yoga, Chintya, Karana, Ajita, Dipta, Sukhshma, Shasra, Amshumam and Kamika. Out of these the Kamika is considered to be the most important.

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