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The Role of Evangelism in the Disappearance of Tribal Communities in Europe

In his #SrijanTalks, ‘India as a Nation’, Sankrant Sanu spoke about the Christian tactics to convert local communities and tribes into christianity. One of the chief argument of christian missionaries is that Hinduism has exploited the tribal communities via caste system and to escape from its grip, tribal communities as a whole have to embrace christianity. But Sankrant Sanu brings facts to show the hollowness of such christian arguments.

On the course of prosyletization and expansion of christianity, christian missionaries faced stiff opposition from various tribal communities around the globe. Tribal communities were interested only to remain in their own religion or belief system and did not consider chiristianity as a better solution to attain the supreme bliss. They held the opinion that their own belief is sufficient to attain their goal in life. Seeing the reluctance of tribal communities, christianity sought to suppress and eliminate, whenever possible, them all over Europe. Now there are no tribal communities or beliefs left in Europe. The case is same with respect to aboriginals of Australia. The rights of aboriginals in Australia are almost akin to that of animals. They are in such a pathetic situation due to the arrival of christianity in their country.

Thus Sakrant Sanu shows the hypocrisy of christian missionary claims about ‘saving’ Indians.

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