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Why Current Day Greece Is Not A Civilizational Continuity Of Ancient Greece?

Finally in 1900 AD Greece has emerged finally. If we recall ancient civilizations, then Greece, Egypt comes to mind, but if u see condition of Greece, it was first captured by Romans due to which Greece got Christianized and lost its traditions. All Greek gods, Olympic got banned because it was paying games, they used to offer a lot in that games due to which Christian emperor ordered to ban. Temples got destroyed, traditions were lost, finally Greece got Christianized.

So Greek as civilizational continuity cannot be said. Why Greece got re-emerged? Because Europe reinvented Greek text in 1800s, so that they can get Greek text through Arab. So, they decided to re-establish their Greek civilization, so that they can claim their Greek origin, although they had destroyed Greek civilization. And there is interest work by C K Raju. You should read that in which he says that a lot of knowledge which they got from India and Arabs they attributed it to Greek to correct it theologically and racially, while it did not come from Greek. For example, Euclid name, u would have listened in geometry. There is no evidence that there was any person named Euclid ever existed. So why did they create Euclid? It was Egyptian theory actually, it was pageant theory.

As they had digested Greek civilization so having Greek stamp could be worth. Mathematics itself get change. C K Raju has done a great work. Read it for sure in which he said that mathematics becoming pure, which means nothing can be proved empirically in maths. Using plumb line u can’t say that it is right angle and this is principle. Pure because it is coming from transcendent god who is extra-worldly so it needs to be purified. Various debates occurred, then they theoligsed it. Greece re-emerged because Greek nationalist movement started in other parts of Europe. Some students had gone there when they came to know about Greece. They decided to re-establish that Greece which has no continuity with old Greece.

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