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Exposing Urban Naxals And Their Masterminds – Harita Pusarla Speaks

These leftist ideologues, since independence have been running a parallel administrative network across India and they are highly organized. All these organizations receive foreign funds and the kind of narratives or the arguments which they put forth have been all the time constantly supported by their sister organizations. Just as I said, the Jammu Kashmir organization which has been strengthening the aspirations of Kashmiri separatists, they have a greater influence in shaping the opinions of Kashmiris. It has now emerged that some of the separatists openly say that – if not for the Maosits, leftists and humanists, nobody in India ever cares for Jammu and Kashmir. Despite government allocating so many resources none of these things are acknowledged or even… that sense of belongingness to India has been slowly cut off or being gradually eroded off their minds by these kinds of organizations.

Why we have to take this network so seriously? Because this network has been hitting India’s roots. In the sense, they have been making synchronized or bringing about synchronized movements that affects the societal aspects, the cultural aspects and the national security aspects.

National security aspect – first I have emphasized about Jammu and Kashmir, now they have another organization called COHR (Coordinated Organization for Human Rights). So that is very active in Manipur. So, they work with the people in Manipur and then they strongly support Manipur self-determination. Right to self-determination. They say that Manipur has every right to have their own choice, so to say that they are lending their voice in support to the secessionist attitudes of the north-east even. They openly condemn government for killing this Khaplang group of NSC and militants and they even urge people to protest against various developmental activities or construction of dams especially saying that it is going to affect their livelihoods. Slowly they are bringing, with an informed, or rather a channelization of their thoughts or through informed networks, they have been creating a narrative which is always anti-India. That is one aspect, that is one reason that why we should take this group so very seriously.

Another aspect of this national interest or internal security is, their brother in arms. These are rather called as Urban Naxals, rather a new terminology which is given to them, but it has been an urban Naxalism. In the sense, so to say, Marx has always stressed on impressing his doctrine or ideology only to the urban people. So, it has always been an urban movement. It has slowly moved into rural areas, due to the influence of Mao. Mao has always concentrated on, rather to say that his ideology has been about uplifting of these peasants. So, it has been rural, mostly it is focused on a rural network. So, combining these two, people or the leftist ideologues who are operating in India, they have this over-ground Urban Naxals, what you can say as one arm and the rural wing or the brothers in arms who are into the real arms struggle against the government. So, they are no different, they are very much interlinked.

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