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Trifurcation Of Jammu & Kashmir — A Talk By Prof Hari Om | #HinduCharter

Trifurcation of Jammu & Kashmir is a national requirement. It’s exigency of the time. Its division into Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh States will end the 71-year-old menace of discrimination against these two provinces, which constitute J&K’s 89% of the State’s land area and house half of the state’s population. It will strengthen nationalist constituency in the strategic region and also defeat the game plan of those in Kashmir and Pakistan, who want to convert these two provinces into Kashmir by changing their demography to achieve the final goal: Separation of J&K from India.

Trifurcation of J&K will restrict the area of communal strife to the tiny Kashmir Valley and enable Jammu and Ladakh to control the vital Home, Law, Revenue, Education and General Administration Departments and also hold the office of Advocate General. These are the offices which the anti-India forces in Kashmir have been using since 1947 to further their break-India agenda and undermine the Hindu-majority character of Jammu and the Buddhist-majority character of Ladakh.

Please Read the Demands in detail and Support the Charter of Hindu Demands by signing the petition at…

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