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Was Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Alive – Why Did Govt Snoop On His Family Indiscriminately? — A Talk by Anuj Dhar

Would you please let me know if there is anything adverse on record in your office regarding the under mentioned person who has applied for Passport facilities to proceed to UK, France, Switzer… I mean Netaji’s nephew, who has been a freedom fighter, a lawyer, poor guy wants to go out of country, you people started tracking his records, and where?  Gandhiji’s country which is independent, India had become independent at that time, in ’48, rejoicing over non-violence in this world. And people come and tell me in on TV, no idea who made them historians; they tell some low ranked officer might have done this. Do you think that some low ranked officer will have the courage to spy on Subhash Bose’s family without informing the top officials of the government? And whom are you telling about spying? R.N.Kaur. who was R.N.Kaur? was he a low ranked officer?  How many top officials? Huja, Huja became the IB chief in 1960s. You spy on Subhash Bose’s family, and you are informing top officials in Delhi. What is the meaning of this?

We found another data in the middle of the research, found that America, CIA, formed a unit called Bin Laden unit to catch Osama Bin Laden. 40 officers were assigned in that unit. When this chaos happened, they started calculating, it was found that, only in Calcutta, they had assigned 14 officers to spy on Bose’s family. Where did the Congressis bring the money from? Looks like half of the budget was allocated to this, to catch him. Where did the money come from? You keep whining that we don’t have money, we are a poor country. Where did this money come from to spy? Who was funding this? That all your spying officers are behind him to catch him. First point is that, in the media it would be represented in such a way that I was in possession of two files. Later it was found that, about which we were anyway aware, the spying was not done only on Subhash Bose’s family and not only in Calcutta, not only in Bengal, each and every person was spied on who was linked with Subhash Bose, and throughout India. It is not just based in Bengal, it is not about Bengal, not about Netaji’s family.

This person, H.M. Trivedi, a journalist in Gujarathi, well versed in writing books on Netaji. These spies made a record of him. There is news coming from Bombay Mirror that, not just Bose, Bombay too. They have not spared anyone; they have covered everyone by recording them.  Congress spied on Netaji’s kin, socialist manifesto, tried to rig Bengal elections. The work, which we nowadays think that some parties do this, these people were already Master of It during that time. Now you understood why this incident happened in India.

There was a huge cry over Edward Snowden that he took American documents and exposed that the American government spies. Our government is no less. During that time, the whole world cursed the Americans that you spy. India was the only country which backed surveillance. Absolutely, we ourselves do it. There are a lot of examples. There is a huge list of examples with me. When the scholar, Zail Singh was the president of the country, earlier he was the home minister, you know how things are, we don’t even spare Rashtrapati Bhavan, we have not spared our President, snooped on him, that’s an ugly habit that the Indian have developed.

When Zia Ul Haq visited India for a day, this is a well-known story, catch hold of some old foreign secretary or home secretary, they will tell you this point, we have heard this from a lot of people that Zia Ul Haq was speaking to Zial Singh, Zial Singh said, ‘General, even walls have ears’. He understood. Lets go out, we should not speak inside the room. That country where we have not spared our President, there are two British Prime Ministers upon whom there was attempt of snooping in this country. We are experts in this, we have expertise to spy on people, to tap phones, to snoop, we are experts in this. That is why we backed it publicly. This is happening from the time of Gandhi. What do you understand about this?

There was a congress leader, K.M. Munshi, who started Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. Since we are talking about it, I will tell you where did this snooping start from. K.M. Munshi, in whose name Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan ___, he himself admitted that, he was not aware of what could be the implications of this, but he himself wrote in his book, in the 60s, when people called Subhash Bose_____. He wrote, ‘When I was the minister in the Bombay government, during that time the central IB, during the British regime, they used me and passed on information to Gandhiji, and I, about Subhash Bose, some Japanese came to visit Subhash Bose, which he was telling me about, ‘Japanese and others were meeting Subhash Bose’.’ and we showed that IB report to Gandhiji. Gandhiji also saw it, Gandhiji did not inform Subhash Bose that there are reports on you, you are being snooped and I am being shown reports. I searched in the collections of Gandhiji’s books, if Gandhiji has admitted anywhere, in Experiments with Truth, no clue about it.

So this habit of snooping, in which we are experts, the Americans’ are novice in snooping and were caught in a minute, our spies do not get caught. They snoop and also declare that I am a ‘Chacha’. He became Mahatma and this person became Chacha, and all our work are ___. I had been to America. I was told that Trump’s popularity is growing and is called Playboy. I told, ‘isn’t there a playboy in our country? ____. Ladies are seated here and if I start telling you all, you all will be baffled listening to it. Accomplished.

So it is actually not snooping.  It is not at all snooping. The world is saying that Snowden has done a job and we are telling it is not snooping. Of course, India’s standards are very high. I will show you an example: Very secret, security central office, Pretoria street, Calcutta, 10th October, 1949. The secrecy of this interception may kindly be maintained. Certain Prithvi Lal Sabha, they intercepted him. Now who is this Sabha? The poor guy’s mistake was that he wrote a letter to Subhash Bose’s brother in 1949 asking ‘Is Netaji alive?’ Therefore, he came under the lenses of the spies. Now the problem is that Sabha was basically a class 9 student, he was a kid. They have not spared kids, girls. I will show some examples. They have not spared anyone. An indiscriminate snooping was going on.

A thorough enquiry has been made by the writer of the letter, his name is Prithvi Lal Sabha, he is about 15 years old. He is the student of class 9 of the school in Darjeeling. It is learned from the headmaster of the government higher secondary school Darjeeling that the attendance of the boy in the school is regular, he is not in the good notion of the school master for his desperate character. There is nothing against him politically or otherwise. A secret, copy forwarded for information to Shri P.K. Basu, Deputy Commissioner Police, Special branch. Special branch are sitting and preparing kids’ reports and giving it to him. And we found this garbage. We have just heard things, but do not know what will come out from the details. This was the decent, poor guy, a photo from his old age.

No intelligence agency in the world messes with dead bodies. They only run behind alive people.  They don’t run to catch demons. So it is common sense that they run behind only those things which poses a potential threat in the present or the future. Poor guy from Netaji’s family who is a Bhageel, a doctor in Calcutta, how is he threatening you? So basically they were after Netaji , not after Subhash Bose’s family or these people sitting in Punjab or Bombay or what not. No! They were looking for the real person. So if you go through the file you can easily connect the dots or infact the dots are connected. I will show you an example then you will understand.

A casual agent reports that on 14thJuly 1955, that once Sushil Kumar Bose who is Netaji’s nephew communicated with Emilie Schenkl in Vienna, Austria. Subhash Bose’s nephew writes a letter to his aunt, Subhash Bose’s wife, they caught him. You tell me something, suppose there is a news in Times of India tomorrow, assume that Kasturabha Gandhi was alive till 1955, she had not yet died, assume so for argument’s sake. And then the news comes that Kasturabha Gandhi’s letters to her nephews were being intercepted by Gujarath intelligence and were recording them. What would happen? Will people allow the Parliament to function, for 4 days at the least? How dare you read their personal letters with an intention to intercept her family. Are you not ashamed? Is this the way to do? They have not even spared girls. They have caught all the letters. And the biggest fact is that in 1955, would you describe Emilie Schenkl as Netaji’s wife or widow? She is his widow. Would you describe Mrs. Sonia Gandhi today as Rajiv Gandhiji’s wife? No! She is unfortunately his widow because Rajiv Gandhiji is no more.

And what have they written at the bottom of the report? This is the comment by the intelligence officer. ‘The addressee is evidently the alleged wife of Shri Subhash Chandra Bose’. So the media and all those people who have studied this report, seen the document deduced only one point. This is India Today, I am not showing any local media or made up stories, I am showing mainstream newspaper who don’t have any enmity with the congress government. They are all standard newspapers written by people who were thorough professionals. ‘Congress was scared of Bose’s return’. After dying, return? Or he is not dead and where is the question of return?

Mamta Banerjee did a good job. The file which Mamta released to the public, in fact the Police commissioner he used to serve in RAW. Now a days he is DGP in Calcutta. He told according to these files he is alive. Otherwise why are they chasing him? Because they are not chasing their family. They don’t have any reputation. They were intercepting for the right person. Everyone from the family admitted it, Chitra Ghosh Subhash Bose’s niece. Nehru knew that the plane crash was a hoax and he feared that Netaji was confabulating with his family from abroad. Dr. D.N. Bose, Netaji’s nephew – ‘I am surprised to find that the police continue to snoop on the Bose family till 1971’. In fact one nephew said till 83-84. This makes me believe that government was not sure of Netaji’s whereabouts till then. And this is BJP’s spokesperson, nowadays minister in the foreign affaris. His statement – ‘the government was not sure whether Bose is dead and thought that he was alive. He would be in some form of communication with his family in Calcutta’.

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