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How Administering Our Temples Will Lead To Renaissance Of Hinduism

Ironically, India is the only country where the majority religious community is being discriminated against. Various state governments through their respective Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments (HR & CE) Acts have assumed financial and management control of thousands of Hindu temples across India. They did this under alleged accusations of mismanagement of funds, other than carrying forward the legacy of the British Raj when such acts to control funds of Hindu institutions were enacted.

It is worthy of noting here that no other religious institution (barring Jain institution, as by legal definition Jains are Hindus) — Churches, Mosques, Gurudwaras belonging to Christian, Muslim and Sikh practitioners respectively, despite their scale or similar accusations of mismanagement of funds, have been brought under acts similar to the HR&CE Acts issued by various states all over India.

Freeing Hindu Temples From Govt control is one of the key demands of Hindu Charter. Please read the Demands in detail and Support the Charter of Hindu Demands by signing the petition at…

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In Tamil Nadu, the true income of the properties, I said it is over 6000 crore rupees. Imagine 6000 crore rupees of year, I can build 10 schools, at 50 crores each school in a year and how much does it cost, five hundred crores, how much I am left with five thousand five hundred crores. I give scholarships of fifty thousand rupees to 100 thousand students; 1 lakh students how much does it cost five hundred crores. I still have five thousand crores; 50000 rupees medical aid to 100,000 deserving Hindus; five hundred crores. I still have 4500 crores, I spent 250 crores to conserve my temples which are in need of reservation. 4250 crore rupee was still with me. I built five colleges, one medical college, one veterinary college, one dental medical centre, 250 crores each. Still I have 3000 crores or 3500 crores. I am losing mass here.

So that’s the power, if you run temples properly, instead of government babus running them and receiving the difference between the fair rent or the part of fair rent and the money is actually charged under the table. Now nobody sees under the table, they receive awkwardly about the table, they probably as it they were deposit in their accounts.

We will be running Patasala, Veda patasala, Ashrama Patasala, Gosalas. 40,000 temples in Tamil Nadu, 40,000 in Andhra, similarly in Karnataka, not that many in Kerala, but still. Supposing we have two Jersey cows for each temple, that we like 200,000 Jersey cows. Suddenly there will be a demand for Jersey cows, suddenly there will increase the cow milk and people will be benefited the biggest beneficiary would be farmers, because the fraud called the fertilizers subsidy, will be done away with our Panchagavya. Government spent 60,000 – 70,000 crores for fertilizers subsidy. It’s a fraud totally unnecessary and something the poisons for the land and vegetable and of the crops and again part, paintings and all this connected of the temple of the same music, dance.

Thanjavur temple has ancient drum instruments, five of them today, ancient, found no, no other temples, that is one person left to play one of them, of the five instruments, one instrument can be played by only one of them and he does not have a son. He has a daughter today and he is teaching his daughter and the Temple tells he won’t appointed the  daughter, no? So, does it have to go with this generation, if we allow the government, Yes.

Then the temple jewels; we draw inspiration from temple jewels; the antique jewelry, the silver works, the vessels, the plates the ornaments, think about anything that is really fine. Today you have to symbolize India, not even in Hinduism, India, you have only two icons to the write. One is ‘Om’, another one is Nataraja. The moment you put that icon, you symbolize the Vedic Indic culture. Then we can help Sanskrit come back, because we run our schools, we can teach children, at least till fifth standard or seven standard spoken Sanskrit, to read and write Sanskrit, Sastras regional knowledge as we can publish our Itihasa, our Mahabharata for adults, for children.

Over bhakti, the same forum Purandaradasa Keerthanas, Thevaram, Thiruvasagam, Thirukural in various languages with all with the temple money. We don’t have to beg anybody, anything. Our money is being refused to us, to do Dharmic things. So Pujya Swamy Dayanand Saraswati said getting back our temples is Rishivara. The delt we know is already is because of Rishi’s told us how to build temples and how to run them. Even today, we have Parasurama Pathathi in Kerala. What he here also, excellent and we owe to our past, you know sir, Raja Raja Chola, Rajendra Chola, Vijayanagara Kingdom, Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj, we owe it to them and we should leave a better place, better temples, better system for our children.

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