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Sampradaya Vs Denomination – A Talk By TR Ramesh

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That’s something called the denominational right, that is you as a sampradaya, you can administer your own temple, your own institution, your own charities. you can decide what is your right in the religious matters, you can decide how to administer your institution. I did thing very clear. I just highlighted the word denomination. if you are a denomination, if you are a sampradaya, you can establish and maintain institutions, you can manage its own affairs and matters of religion, which is not subject to anything except Public order, morality in health. the second line why public order, morality in health.., I have been running this temple, this temple festival, 50,000 people come for this temple festival, then there is suddenly an outbreak of cholera in that area, and the district collector order 144 saying ‘no people should come from other districts, people from here should not go out, I am cancelling this festival’. Yes, he can do that, he can do that under health. I am running this festival for 150 years. suddenly there are two factions, and they have a dispute, huge dispute and if I run the festival there will be violence, there will be morons, again the police recommends cancellation of the, yes, they can do a temporary order. you can’t claim the nomination right here, religious right here, and morality, I am not talking about constitutive morality, and talking about actual morality, Dharmic, supposing you start a religion because you can establish and maintain, you start a religion and a per your a religion, whatever recent law the Supreme Court has happened regarding adultery, you, your court affair religion. let’s see, my religion is adultery, I don’t know if it’s any more immoral, I don’t know, I am just giving an example. let’s say we are talking, we are talking about this in 2017, no, you can’t do that.

So in matters of religion, you subject to public order, morality healthy; can do anything in matters of property, you can acquire, you can work and you should run it, as per law, according to law, that means our payment access, I will not occupy others property and if somebody occupies my property, I will seek a legal relief. I will run my property’s, government says you have to pay ABC taxes, you have to keep accounts, like this you have, to have audit, yes, I am following according to law. now this is a right given to a set of people, denomination. In 1954, Supreme Court was called upon to define denomination because our wonderful fathers of the Constitution they failed to define.

Now this is the Hindi version of this Indian Constitution. it was translated in 1949 – 1950. it was ready. but unfortunately the Parliament adopted it only 1987. the equivalent word for religious denominations, Dharmic Sampradaya. I talked a little while ago about, what is denomination, church denomination verses Sampradaya. Sampradaya nobody is stopping anybody, even the religion is not down. but for the constitutional purposes, I belong to a particular Dharmic Sampradaya. I run my institutions as per that Sampradaya, that is the right given to me. but in 1954, there is on, if you have time go see it. I wrote an article there, how we were shortchanged of this fundamental right.

now denomination means actually naming something, you de nominate, you call a class of things under a particular name. okay. you say this is a Hawaian animals. Correct. you say these are bitter burps, some kind of vegetable coming under a family, you name them, okay. now the day with, the word denomination had five names. it’s the same thing found in the Webster’s which the Madras High Court took and applied the meaning for the original shrive judgment. it went on appeal to Supreme Court. Supreme Court seven judge bench sat, it took the definition from the oxford dictionary, then it quoted the file, the collection of individuals, class together in the same name. now almost always specifically a religious sector body, having a common faith and organization and designated by distinctively.

now I am not a master’s in English, okay. I am a masters in compass, which I don’t know. it means anything or not, a religious sect or body having a common trait of organization. this is a very church oriented definition. the religious said does not have any need for a common faith, the sect is religious sect is, it means you know, if you say some, it means the luminous body that cause us to start, you don’t have to say the Sun that rises in the east every time, you don’t have to, the religious sect means, it is already given that it has a common name, a common faith, it is a group of people that way, it is a spiritual organization. now you have a society in the US and all the Mormons. they form a society to form a church. so those cases a body having a common name, common organization, of the common faith they form the denomination ,so to be a denomination you either be a religious sect or a body having common features. all see the first one a collection of individuals class together under the same day.

Now tell me, there are millions of people coming to Sabarimala, all wearing a Mala, all believing in Ayyappa, all saying ‘Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa’, all observing the breath, okay. All being called the Ayyappans or Ayyappamar. Will they not come under the first definition, is this not also the definition given by the Supreme Court seven judge bench. how can today one or two or three of the judges, of the five judge bench say, no, they are not a denomination, will not the first one applied, to be a set, you have to be a, you have a common faith organization, how will, million people coming from all directions, how do they have an organization.

now do you see how the rights of Hindus often denied. now the most important right, he saw some time ago administer their properties without interference, government cannot come, government cannot take away property if you are a denomination. now government are sitting in all our temples, how because of supreme court’s interpretation of the word denomination found in one of the very important fundamental right. Now okay, I take a word from dictionary meaning should I take only from oxford dictionary? should I? that is important question. but the more surprising thing is, what are, what does oxford dictionary say now. can you see this word denomination, a church or religious sect the word it means, so how will Ayyppa Bhakta be a church, the Church of Ayyappa, born again, so that you are never born again, Tatvamasi.

This is another case. they recognized autonomous branch of Church of religions. so the Tantri should be the Bishop of Kottayam, okay, or Pathanamthitta. but we  don’t have a church Mar Thoma or Jacobite. this is also oxford dictionary. who will, who is going to tell that to Supreme Court. So this is the original new English language dictionary, they took what does it say. now the recognized autonomous branch of the Christian Church or the Jewish clergy, okay, one more concession, fine, you define the denomination using oxford dictionary, you define again, oxford dictionary is there, updated version or your Lordships using again, Windows 95. Ok. some of you never became a Lordships then windows 95 was there.

So do you see how our fundamental rights, even though the Constitution gave it, as Dharmic Sampradaya, we are allowed to manage our own institutions in the manner. our Sampradaya says as long as the Sampradaya does not violate public order, morality or it will cause ill health to its believers, it should not be tampered with. I am not talking about save Sabarimala alone, I am talking about Tirupathi, it is Venkateswara sri Vaishnava temple. it will come under Sampradaya or not. so who should administer it only that Sampradaya, the enormity of the income or the properties should not deter. Oh we need government, are you because the Velankanni church  is getting hundred crores, is the government taking over, you know, they are not, but they took over Sai Baba temple, Shivaji, the collector is the administrator, it is not even Hindu temple.

“Jai Sriram, Hara Om Hara”

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