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Subtle Abrahamisation Of School Text Books And Hindu Psyche

So, our syllabus also there for completely Abrahamisation and there are some examples here Karnataka social science Text book, in terms of what they talk. Again, its fine. I think we have talk about a little bit, Sri Lanka have open policy, they openly teach about all religion to all kids. They say, let there be some basic ground work done. That’s fine. But if you look at this, it doesn’t look like you are teaching all religion here and there are numerous examples, and this is just in some pages from the Karnataka syllabus and on social media you will find so many threads and so many poses related to this. This is not social, this is not science, this is not social studies. So, this is religion, all colleges and schools will teach this, this is like NCERT syllabus who are adopting even state syllabus. Many of them do this, so again like as said, ready, if you, if the question is ok. The birth place of Jesus Christ is. This is fine. But birth place of Shankaracharya along with that. Then the child gets a neutral opinion on this. Then the only question is this. Then over fifteen years of training, you know what will happen?

So, it’s not in academics, in cinemas. I am sure this is like a favorite topic, you know, I have seen one favorite example. I would like to gorgeous; it will not take the name. But there will be series of comedy movies that comes, in every movie, I have noticed every time there is at least the ten minute segment were, there is some serious thing happening, and the leading lady is upset and things are bad, and then they go to church and pray, throughout the comedy movie also, they will insert that, you pick any mainstay movie. I think there is no dispute at least on this fact on what they promote. So, fragmentation of society has happened through this.

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