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What Are The Results Of State Control Of Hindu Temples?

See the result of state control of Hindu religious affairs. There are so many examples. Week after week, we hear about the Tirumala Tirupathi priest controversy, there are actually multiple angles there, prevention of chanting of Mantras and something and so on. Commercialization of many temples, there are various Sevas that the money you can give, you can get a different kind of treatment in the temple and then people go for only those Poojas and so on, misuse and misappropriation. This is like the biggest norms effect of this especially in south India where the almost all the southern India states have been loss the control in temples. This is the one big side effect or may be the main effect of this rule.  We simply don’t know what quantity of a land, a temple has, and it’s has gone off. So, it’s strange to its real contracts right for thousands and thousands of years. You pick up any History material related to Bharata, you will see that Kings actually donated lands, granted land to temples, and now we have the opposite since the last seventy years, that this land has been taken again and nobody knows where they were going.

And various other issues as well. They actually not manage it well, that’s the summery. Government meant to take over the temples so that they can rid the temple of the problem of management. They are aggravated the problem. And the last one is also especially serious — appointment of non-Hindus and temple boards as temple employees and this is happening, in the few of the biggest temples most precious and most holy temples for us. Tirupathi, for example, big controversy going out.

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