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BJP MP From Ladakh, Jamyang Tsering Namgyal’s Statement Regarding Removal Of Article 370 From Jammu And Kashmir

Brave men like Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, great people like Kushok Bakula Rinpoche, people like Thupstan Sevang who gave a direction to Ladakh that we have to stay with India and cheer India, be ready to die for your country. Here, people were give references from history. I would like to remind, whether it is 1965 or 1971 or the 1999 war or the attack on tribal in 1948, open the history and check, Ladhaki has always sacrificed, always been ready to die for the country. But it is unfortunate that my honorable counterparts of Kashmir were asking today, what will we lose with the removal of Article 370? I would definitely like to tell. We will definitely lose one thing – two families will lose their livelihood and nothing else. Only two families will lose their livelihood. And the future of Kashmir is going to be bright.

Honorable Chairman, Kargil was being mentioned here and an attempt was being made to mislead the House. I have been elected from Kargil. I proudly say that Kargil people have voted for UT. I would like to remind the House that in the 2014 Parliamentary election, UT was our Ladakh election manifesto’s important point and the majority voted for UT. In the election of 2019, we brought UT again in the election manifesto and in both the districts, be it Buddhists’ or be it Muslims’, or be it Kargil, in every territory, we went door-to-door and explained the people on What is UT? Till date as many parliamentary elections have been held in Ladakh, people have given us an opportunity to come to the house with a record margin.  People believed in Narendra Modi ji’s government. People welcomed this UT.  Today they are talking about Kargil. Do they know Kargil? I have no hesitation in saying this in the House.

The then Home Minister, Honorable Rajnath Singh, had come to Leh. All party parliamentary delegation went to Jammu, visited Kashmir and you came to Ladakh with the then Home Secretary. All political parties of Ladakh – BJP, Congress, PDP, NC of the Leh region, I am not speaking of Kashmir, the situation there is different, I am speaking of Leh. And simultaneously from every religious organization be it Ladakh Buddhist Association, be it the Anjuman Imamia Association, or Moin ul islam or Christian Association or Hindu Mahasabha, everyone said in one voice that we need UT. Rajnath Singh ji was asking ‘What else do you want?’ We said nothing more is needed, just UT. We had told this.

Today… Have the capacity to listen, this is just a trailer. Honorable Chairman, but at that time an unfortunate incident happened with us. Today I would like to make this House aware of the incident. The then National President of NC, District President of PDP, who signed the memorandum of UT in Leh, your Kashmir NC and PDP kicked them out of your party by issuing a press release! Today they are talking about democracy. Talking about democracy! Was that your democracy? To turn off people’s voice? To keep them crushed? Was that your democracy? Honorable Chairman, till now, I was listening to the discussion of Rajya Sabha started at 11 o’clock yesterday. Many people talked about equality. If Article 370 goes, there will be no equality in Jammu and Kashmir, this and that will happen. I want to ask the House, through you in this House, I want to ask those who make such a statement – while taking funds from the Government of India, you take funds for the three regions of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. When you come for development in Ladakh, the entire Ladakh fund gets consumed in Kashmir. Is this your equality?

Jammu Kashmir has 2 capitals, a summer capital and a winter capital. I am particularly mentioning this point. There are two civil secretaries there. You see the data. How many Civil Secretariats are Ladakhis? Is this your equality? If you create your 1000 Employment/jobs, the people of Jammu will fight and fight and take some jobs but they will not give even 10 jobs to the Ladakh. Is this your equality? Hasnain Masudi ji was referring to universities. I want to remind him and the Congressmen. You gave Central University to Kashmir in 2011. You gave Central University to Jammu. The people of Jammu fought for it, it was not given, but they fought for it. But at that time I was the leader of the student union. We made the students of Jammu protest and made them wear black bands against them and demanded a central university.

They did not give even a single Higher Education Institute to Ladakh. Is this your equality? Recently, Narendra Modi gave the university. It is possible if Modi is there. Really…. Yesterday, Congress leaders in the Rajya Sabha were screaming on top of their voices asking – what would happen to Ladakh? What would happen to Ladakh? I want to know, Honorable Chairman, through you, when you were the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir in 2008, you created 8 new districts there – ‘District’. You gave four to Kashmir so people of Jammu fought for it. So four had to be given to them. You did not give even a single district to Ladakh. Is this your equality? Today you say equality! Our language is the Ladakhi language which is called Bhoti. Kashmiri, does not have its script, you recognized it and included it in 8th schedule. Dogri of Jammu, they agitated, you recognized that language as well. You have not recognized the language of Ladakh till date. Is this your equality?

Honorable Chairman, secularism and democracy are being talked about. I want to know. You misused the article 370 and kicked the Kashmiri Pandits out of Kashmir overnight. Is this your secularism? Is this your secularism? In the same manner you misused article 370, you gave a statement proudly- “Earlier the number of Buddhists was more in Ladakh, the Muslim number is more”. I want to say with regret that you have tried to eliminate Buddhism in Jammu and Kashmir by misusing Article 370. This is your demographics maintenance. Is this your secularism? Honorable Chairman, this is what these families, I do not say, governed us, I say they ruled us. The same families partitioned Ladakh in 1979, Leh with Buddhist majority and Kargil with Muslim majority, and brought clashes between us brothers, till today. Is this your secularism? Till date it is your secularism – ‘divide it and rule it’.

Is this your secularism? Today they were referring to Kargil. It was mentioned that Kargil is closed. Who told you Kargil is closed? Try to know. I have been elected from Ladakh; you are not coming from Ladakh. Take your seat and sit comfortably. Till date you people spoke, today is our chance to speak. You are not like Modi. Have your seat. They consider that Kargil is only a road and a small market. Sir, if you want to see Kargil, go to Zanskar, go to Wakha-Moolbekh-Shargol, go to Aryan Valley, go to Drass _____________.  70% of the people of Kargil, today, welcome this decision. They support this bill.

Honorable Chairman, they are making the same statement today. Listen.. Have patience to listen. I do not come here reading books like you but, feel the reality of the ground. Honorable Chairman, whatever they are saying in Kargil, he is doing this by a phone call. They do not even know what those people are doing. They should think for their future. They should not trust these people’s words. These people will use anyone for their benefit. Take a seat….have the patience to listen.

Chairman, 66 years ago today, the founder of the Jana Sangh, Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, in 1953, for which he protested – “In a country, two systems, two footprints and two Primes will not function. And along with this resolution, I say with pride, they do not know what the Ladakh people have done till date. In 2011…. Today they are saying that our flag is going…. The flag is going. Sir, your flag has been rejected by the Ladakhs back in 2011. The Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council passed the resolution. In 2011, Jammu Kashmir’s flag was present in the homes of Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council’s Chairman and Executive counsellor. They are equivalent in the ranks of Cabinet and Deputy Minister. We rejected that flag. We put the national emblem there because we wanted to become an indestructible part on India. This is Ladakh. Because we believe: ‘We are the pride, dignity and children of the country. We are identified by the tri colored flag.

Honorable Chairman, it’s a very ironical! They do not participate in the Panchayat election, but when it comes to the turn of their occupied power, then they will participate in the elections. They will not allow the grass root democracy to happen but their livelihood should not be affected. We will not accept such ideology. Honorable Chairman, the two families which I am repeatedly referring to, these families which is beating the ‘Kashmir issue, Kashmir issue’, these are not the families who desire a solution. They are the parts of problem. They have become a part of this problem. They are in a state of intoxication. They still think that Kashmir is the property of their father. Not anymore.. not anymore.. not anymore..

Honorable Chairman, before concluding this, I would like to thank the Government of India, I would like to thank Sri Narendra Modi, the Home Minister Sri Amit Shah and all the associated members. And also to those people who are not a part of any political party but are in favor of this deal, I would like to thank them on behalf of all the people of Ladakh. Because, today, for the first time in the history of India, the sentiments and aspirations of the people of Ladakh are being heard. The importance of Ladakh is being realized now which shares its borders with Pakistan and China. We welcome this deal by the government. Finally, for the people who are confused, I have a request for them:

“If you have love for the country, express it

If you have love for the country, express it

Do not wait for anyone

Say Jai Hind proudly

Say proudly We are Indians

Say Bharath Mata Ki Jai with self-respect

And support this bill now”

Thank you very much Honorable Chairman

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