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Amend Article 26 To Restore Hindu Temples To Hindus

As a result of all of this material what we are asking for or demanding as part of charter the first of the sub demands under point 1 is that, we amend the Article 26 to restore the temple to Hindus, you would recall that there is a phrase in the  current Article which says for any other  non-religious activity , the state can interferer, what we are asking for is not withstanding anything contain in any of this Article, the state shall not control, administer or manage any institution established for religious purposes.

Explicitly take back this right, that the state has, there are numerous other laws, tax laws, criminal laws which are sufficient, which are enough to take care of problems with correction, mismanagement, we don’t have similar laws for commercial entity, commercial organizations. So, the same thing can apply and then a couple of sub points, just to make sure the withdrawal of state right is complete. That’s, all laws in force the territory of India will be wide at this point. For example, we have many state governments which have the HRC acts; Hindu religious and charitable endowment Acts, through which they take over temples. So, then the other will be like small legal loophole saying, will existing laws continue to work? and so on. So that’s why we will make it explicit, saying none of those, no valid anymore and in future also the state shall not make any law to take over. So that’s some substance of this demand. Withdraw your right, void all existing laws, and you should not have the right make any laws in future.

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