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Civilisational Evidence Expose Aryan Invasion/Migration Theory Farce

we are told that Iron ages are ushered India by invading Aryans in 1500 BCE. it is N R Banerjee in 1965 or Tewari in 2003, they talk about iron. however this new site came out in 2015 and professor KP Rao, he found several artifacts knives and blades in Telangana and he sent it off to a lab in Hyderabad for testing, luminescence testing, and the date was range was 1800 to 2400 BCE. that is a date of iron in Telangana and I just put the date as 2200 over here. so this completely invalidates the idea that iron was invented somewhere in Central Asia and they made swords and they were better than bronze, eight swords and they came in owe when the city civilization. this is an evidence that proves otherwise.

Over here, other paradox. we already talked about this. we are told Aryans brought horse and chariots to India and we are also shown, if you remember, David woods documentary on India, he shows this chariot burial 4,000 year old chariot burial in Georgia and he claims that because there is a chariot on the way to India, on the way to India, he claims that as how this proof that Aryans came to India. however now you have not one, not two, they found maybe 10 to 15 pit burials with chariots in them with Bronze Age weapons, also in them. so that completely overturns this false thinking over here and here.

also the Harappa bronze National Museum 2000 BCE, this also dated to around 2000 BCE, this is a very interesting paper so this came out in May 2018. In current science from Institute of Paleosciences in Lucknow. these are the professors and they found evidence of paddy cultivation in the Ganga plain dating back to the Holocene era. so their dates comes to around 9,000 years ago. but Holocene is actually from 12,000 years ago. this completely invalidates a claim that agriculture was invented in Turkey in 6500 BCE and spread to India because you are seeing paddy itself in India in this timeframe. according to this paper, this is a very interesting paper, this is from Dr. Premendra Priyadarshi. he called this out this is in genome biology .I think in 2007 and the researcher there wanted to find out where is a genomic ancestry of all the house mice, where is it from and to their surprise they found the ancestor of the mice in India and it goes back to 12,000 years. so it’s from India to Madagascar, India to northern Africa, India to a Western Europe, to China, to southeast, China Southeast Asia, all these places, it’s from India goes there. why is it relevant? because we know that mice go where there is paddy, you store paddy in your storeroom, mice are going to come and as agriculture is going to the rest of the world, mice camper along and go along with the paddy. Right. So it is in very interesting to correlate this data point and this research has got nothing to do with this researcher, and look at these two side-by-side and seems to say agriculture also was invented in India.

I look at the genome of mice. it’s studying a strong story. so once again we come to the same conclusion, that we did last year, there is no change in that with science having Aryan invasion theory is false. archaeology shows ancient artifact, a predate the invasion period, north-west south central India, we are seeing a human continuum for 1 million years at least. in India genetic evidence of great antiquity of the Indian people the M T DNA markers and R1a showed robust presence in India. then I also put this box over here for this year to say what is our internal evidence. is it any internal evidence? remember we are a secular people and we don’t consider internal evidence. so anyway let’s take a look at what it says is there any support for migrations or any such thing and it says the Vedas and Puranas talk about the Anu and Druhyu. these are Vedic tribes and they are supposed to have migrated out of India and there are some people who say that migration was from Punjab to Gandhara area. this evidence is ignored, this evidence is then Bhagavata Purana, Visnu Purana, Vayu Puranas, Brahmanda purana, Matsya Puranas as well as Rig Veda. all these verses are all talking about a migration. it’s not just in one purana, many of them are talking about it. but we don’t care about this. Right.

so I am bringing up the proposition if this migration would have happened around 9,000 years ago, could that account for the data point that is seen in reached work where is saying that there is ancient farmer Iranian farmer DNA in India. he caught the direction wrong maybe the direction is this side, maybe that’s what it is and then later on the drying up of Sarasvati in 2000 BC or so resulted in outward migration. we know about the Hittites, Mittani, who spoked Sanskrit and so on. Egypt the Hyksos people who supposed to have been isolating their culture, till that the Nubians were there, another such people, suddenly these people appear on the scene and people are thinking they were Indians. who went over there, maybe this can account for genetic closeness to Central Asia. in addition, the four thousand years ago will you see this genetic content. there we can the direction is wrong maybe the direction of this way. so I am just calling it out. so maybe if I have access to the data, I as a mathematician would love to have a model that says out of India, two time frames during the RigVedic period and  during this period, drying up of Saraswati and fit the data that we have.

I am willing to bet it will be a beautiful fit with no contradictions. nobody does that because people are funded by NSF, National Science Foundation and other such things they can’t give a proposal to such proposal that says, I am going to have outlandish theory of out of India. so the only thing they can say is I am fitting it with the known PIE proto-indo-European theory and I am going to validate that, that will get funded. this is not going to get funded. so researchers have got constraints too. in what they take for these things, but I really wish some Indic scholars will take this up and study. this might show some very interesting things.

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