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Cutting The Chaff: Rafale And What Ails Defence Procurement In India

This talk discusses all the misinformation being spread about the Rafale, and the larger macro impact it has on the defence of the country as well as the state of defence commentary and education in the country.

In this talk Abhijit simplifies the defence procurement process, gives us the background and sets the context. He proceeds to walk us through the Rafael deal, the scandal surrounding this deal and it clarifies the historical issues with defence procurement in India.

About the Speaker: –

Abhijit Iyer-Mitra is Senior Fellow at the Institute of Peace & Conflict Studies. A Defence Economist, he has regular columns in the Economic Times & Business Standard as well as bylines in all major dailies and the New York Times. He also has co authored two books, one on military reforms and another on Afghanistan and has several academic publications to his credit dealing with defence and foreign policy. Prior to his current post he coordinated the National Security Programme at the Observer Research Foundation, was visiting scholar at Sandia National Laboratories (Albuquerque) & at the Stimson Center (Washington D C). His hobbies include flying recreational aircraft and scuba diving and he is the proud parent of two dogs and a cat.

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