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Communist Betrayal Of Indian Independence Movement: 1942 Secret British India Files

Credits : – Keraleyam FB Page.

Keraleyam is exposing the Indian Communists who betrayed Indian Independence movement for Brit in 1942. We are publishing the series of events which lead to the Communist Party of India-British Government secret alliance.

It is first exposed by Arun Shourie in his article “The Great Betrayal” and then in his book “The only Fatherland”. However Keraleyam has a lot more details and documents now in which most important documents are publishing now.

Till 1941 June 22, Communist Party of India was with people of India and again British Imperialists. They fought against Brits as the Father land of Indian Communists – Soviet Union was having a secret pact with Fascist Hitler! Stalin-Hitler pact was a secret plan to invade and share several countries including Poland. So the USSR and CPI were against Britain and Indian British government.

Operation Barbarossa changed the world order of Communists all over the world. Hitler attacked Stalin and Stalin took Britain’s support! The “Communist International” which controlled the communist parties around world gave orders to change the track. So does the Communist party of India.

The British India office sends a secret letter dated Jan 10, 1942 to all Indian provincial governments to consider to for a new treatment towards individuals or groups who had opposed the war effort, enclosed with a detailed memorandum. (Refer doc-1: British Library India Office doc)


The Cripps Mission was a failed attempt in late March 1942 by the British government to secure full Indian cooperation and support for their efforts in World War II. The mission was headed by a senior minister Sir Stafford Cripps and he succeeded in establishing links with P.C Joshi, the then general secretary of CPI. The secretary of Cripps requested British government to suspend P.C. Joshi’s arrest warrant for his “interview” with Cripps in Delhi on 1942 April 6. (Refer doc-2: National Archives of India)

The very next day the arrest warrant is suspended for 10 days for Joshi to move freely and to travel to Delhi. (Refer doc-3: National Archives of India)

P.C. Joshi and Cripps had secret talks and agreed for more talks and secret cooperation. P.C. Joshi made contact with Home Member Sir Reginald Maxwell was established a good relationship.

On 1942 April 21, Additional Secretary to the GOI- Richard Tottenham sends communication to all provincial governments to consider releasing Communists with no criminal backgrounds who were detained under Rule 26. (Refer doc-4: National Archives of India)
The Intelligence Bureau records of 27 April 1942 discusses to withdraw the arrest warrants against P.C. Joshi if he is ready to “PLAY THE GAME”! It also suggestd re-issuing the warrant in case he is not ready for it. (Refer doc-5: National Archives of India)

The warrant against Joshi withdrew on 28 April 1942 with a clear instruction to reissue it at a later date but not to do so without giving P.C. Joshi a month’s notice of their intention. (Refer doc-6: National Archives of India)
Cancelled arrest warrant of P.C Joshi dated 6th March, 1940. (Refer doc-7: National Archives of India)

Richard Tottenham sends a secret communication to all provincial governments dated 30th April 1942, clearly pointing out British made a secret plan with CPI.

“We have reason to believe Joshi may now be willing to lend unconditional support to war effort.”

It also gave instruction to re-issue the warrant after allowing P.C. Joshi a sufficient notice, if Joshi is not willing to PLAY THE GAME! (Refer doc-8: National Archives of India)

Bengal government cancelled P.C. Joshi’s arrest warrant which they had issued. The relationship between CPI and government became very effective and British became more lenient towards them. On June 8, 1942 government send 4 page communication to all provincial governments to release Communist leaders in Jail naming some of the important leaders. (Refer doc-9: British Library)


As per the secret plan, British legalized CPI and supported them for their NEW propaganda war. The secret friendship was a win-win situation for both parties. CPI started getting SPECIAL discounts and subsidies from the government for their “NEW TACTICAL LINE”. Party started sending requests for paper and electricity quota to government. (Refer doc-10: National Archives of India)

In Party letters to British, CPI claimed they are the ONLY PARTY which has PATRIOTIC POLICY for NATIONAL DEFENCE and NATIONAL UNITY. (Refer doc-11: National Archives of India)

Communist Party’s new tactical line and new propaganda are started to function. They attacked National organizations for their stands against the UNITY and SECURITY of India. They organized public speeches and attacked Subash Chanda Bose. They also did not forget to criticize British policies for the public. The Party was organizing Pro-British propaganda like “National Unity Week” when others were fighting for freedom. (Refer doc-12, 13: National Archives of India)

The Party even organized public programs for Hindu-Muslim unity as part of its tactical line to support British. And they were the first people to support division of India as Muslim Pakistan! (Refer doc-14: National Archives of India)

CPI blamed all nationalist organizations and people as FIFTH COLUMN”. It can be seen in all of their letters to British and we can find remarks by British in that CPI seems to be referring everyone else as Fifth Column! In fact, CPI was doing the real job of Fifth Column. (Refer doc-15: National Archives of India)

By then GOI received clearance for the lenient attitude towards CPI from Britain’s War cabinet. (Refer doc-16: National Archives of India)


CPI had more plans and demands and so they started contacting British government for more support and wanted many more party members to be released, which GOI refused to accept. They had troubles with local government. So Joshi sent a memorandum consists of around 130 pages to Sir Reginald Maxwell with a cover letter. It had drafted province wise and it listed out the party members to be released and all propaganda programs they conducted for British. The full documents can’t be published in Facebook because of its huge size. (Refer doc-17: National Archives of India)

P.C. Joshi included a 9 paged summary inside and you can read the plan of action of the CPI for the British support. (Refer doc-18: National Archives of India)

There is separate heading for Kerala and sub-heading for Kochi and Travancore in the Memorandum. Communist leaders such as C. Achuthamemon, A.K. Gopalan and E.K. Nayanar are mentioned in it. (Some images have low resolution) (Refer doc-19: National Archives of India)

The British did not accept all CPI claims and demands. Please go through the British response to CPI. (Refer doc-20: National Archives of India)


The public are now suspicious about CPI and their stands. Gandhiji sends Joshi a letter and questioned the party’s stand. Joshi replied him but not revealing Party secrets. (Refer doc-21: National Archives of India)

Some Newspaper stories came out blaming CPI stand and party is isolated in front of nationalist people. (Refer doc-22: National Archives of India)

It was difficult for some of the factions of the party to digest the new policy and some of them complained it is not clear. P.C. Joshi himself had to meet them to lecture about the new party policy. (Refer doc-23: National Archives of India)


The Court issued death penalty to the 5 Kayyur case accused comrades. They had involved in movement against British government when CPI line was Anti-British. But CPI then changed side when 5 of them got death penalty. One escaped from death as he was minor during the time. CPI secretary P.C. Joshi visited the 4 on their last evening and believed to be hid the truth that the party is then pro-British. They could have avoided all of it if the incident had occurred some months after! (…/labour…/1943/08/kayyur-heroes.htm)


British government observed that CPI was losing the public support. In reality, CPI was between Indian interests and USSR interests. They knew that they can’t make pro-British stand to the public. They asked the government to release jailed Congress leaders during the Quit India movement and British government asked Joshi for clarification. You can read it in Reginald Maxwell’s reply letter to P.C. Joshi for his Memorandum. (Refer doc-24: National Archives of India)

During the meeting with a British officer in 1946, Dr. Ambedkar reveals that he had information that the Communist Party did accepted money and arms from British military and fought for them in Burma. (Refer doc-26: National Archives of India)

:::THE END:::

CPI had plans to use British support for the party’s growth and to attain power though a bloody revolution. Thankfully they lost public support and ended up only in Kerala. They are now taking their last breath!


Credits : – Keraleyam FB Page.

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