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How Amritsar got the name “Amritsar”

Source: – @TIinExile / Twitter.

The related tradition tells us that one Kshatriya King Iksvaku, a predecessor of Ram Chandra, performed many Yajnas at this holy place and that it was named Iksvakusar after him. It is claimed that Sita stayed at Ram Tirath (15 km from Amritsar) during her exile and gave birth to two sons, Lava and Kush. It is further said that lava and Kush fought a battle with their father, Ram chandra, in which the latter was wounded at the site where now stands the Dukh bhanjani Beri.

When the identity of dying Ram Chandra was disclosed to lava and Kush, they brought Amrit (nectar) which saved him. After serving some Amrit to Ram Chandra, the rest of it was immersed in a nearby pond. From that very moment, the pond become a reservoir of Amrit,

— Survey of Amritsar (ed. Nahar Singh Grewal, P.1; also S. S. Amol, Amritsar, P 25.

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