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I Am Bharat — A Poem By Nitin Trivedi

Author: Nitin Trivedi.

I am Bharat
Land of Sanskrit, Vedas, Yoga and reincarnation.
The source of scientific knowledge and human civilization.

Where Kings were obeyed but Sages were venerated.
Where knowledge and truth occupied the highest places.

I gave you knowledge from the ancients and the wisdom of the sages.
I gave you knowledge of the skies and the purpose of life.

I gave you Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism
The paths to truth, harmony and enlightenment
The means to peace and coexistence
With Sikhism too I gave you
The ways of Seva and selflessness.

You received the Ramayana and Mahabharata.
That showed Dharma explained Karma.

I am Bharat
Rich in diversity but United by faith.
I am Bharat
Where the gods are many, but the people are one.

My people the Ramayana you chanted
You repeated the stories of Mahabharata and Gita
You enjoyed all the peace and harmony you wanted

But then you forgot their teachings and evaded the duties
You even forgot Sita.
Instead you allowed ahinsa and disunity to be your weakness.
And when you should have fought you stood helpless.

So came the time I stood stripped of my glory.
My head was strangled, and my arms severed.
I could not even hang my head in dismay
Even Garuda had flown away.

But the stars have now realigned as in ancient days.
Rise o my people and look forward to glory again.

Remember Ram mandir remember all other but remember never again.
Beware the Mir Zafars.
Those who come in the guise of a brother and remember never again.
The Marathas and the Sikhs have shown you the way.
Hold your heads high and together make my body whole again.
Rise and be the dancing peacock again.

This land belongs to you my people.
Be proud of your faith be proud of your heritage.
Assert your right. Forge ahead. Restore my faith.

Time to shed your meekness
Time to lead once again
Remember the Gita, the Mahabharata
And ride the chariots to victory again

The wisdom of the sages and the teachings of the ancients runs through your veins
Let this be your pride, make this your strength and reclaim your Glory once again

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